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Welcome to Perthtravelers! My site is dedicated to helping you plan your holiday and to provide inspiration on things to do and staycations. I cover where to visit, how to get there, where to stay, and what to do plus inspiration for road trips, getaways, and day trips.

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So who is Perthtravelers?

I’m Wendy, a wife and mum to twin teenage daughters who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Why am I an expert of Western Australia?

I am from London but moved to Perth in 2000 when I married my partner. David was born in Perth and has lived in Busselton, the Swan Valley, Perth Hills, and inner Perth. He provides me with any information I need prior to when I lived here.

With a love of travel and exploring new places, I have travelled extensively both before and after having twin daughters.

The girls didn’t stop my love for travel and new experiences. They were babies when they first flew on a plane and I have been lucky to be able to travel internationally, domestically, and within Western Australia since.

Some of my most cherished memories include family camping trips along the Coral Coast and snorkelling in the pristine waters of Ningaloo Reef. It was during these adventures that I developed a deep love and appreciation for the vast and diverse landscapes of my home state.

I realised that Western Australia was often overshadowed by the more frequented destinations on Australia’s East Coast. It dawned on me that so many international visitors were missing out on the extraordinary beauty and unique experiences that WA has to offer. This realisation ignited a desire in me to showcase Western Australia’s hidden spots to the world.

I started Western Australia Expert in 2022 with a simple yet powerful mission: to inspire people to discover the breathtaking beauty of Western Australia for themselves. My goal is not only to guide travelers to well-known attractions but also to encourage them to explore off-the-beaten-path locations that are equally captivating.

What do I provide?

My aim is to inspire you to travel and provide you with all the information needed, with guides on all the best things to do, regions to explore, places to eat & drink, and epic road trips.

I work directly with numerous Western Australian tour operators, promoting their tours and supporting small business owners.

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