Does Perth Have 4 Seasons: A Guide to the Weather

Having lived in Perth for over 20 years, I’ve become an expert in the seasons and weather in our city.

Perth has four seasons – summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The climate is compared to that of the Mediterranean.

Perth is one of the sunniest cities in the world, with an average of 3,200 hours of sunshine annually,

Winters are mild but can be wet, with heavy downpours during late autumn, winter, and early spring.

pink tulips and yellow and red tulips in gardens
Perth Tulips in Spring

Perth Weather Radar

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has a live Perth weather radar showing rainfall.

Perth Weather Forecast

Perth weather 7 day forecast

The Bureau of Meteorology provides a detailed 7-day Perth forecast, which is accurate.

Perth weather 14 days

Time and Date provide an extended 14-day weather forecast for Perth. However, this extended forecast isn’t as accurate as BOM.

autumn trees by the lake in hyde park perth weather
Autumn in Perth (Hyde Park)

Perth Weather by Month

High Season (November to March): The best time for guaranteed sunshine with hot days, but rates peak from mid-December to late January.

Shoulder Season (September, October, April, and May): If you’re okay with taking a chance with the weather, this time will give you cheaper airfares and accommodation. However, rates will increase for the Easter and September school holidays. Spring and autumn are my favourite times of the year.

Low Season (June to August): Winter is the quietest time in Perth and offers the lowest accommodation prices. However, it can be wet and windy, leaving little to do.

view of green fields from mountain range
Hiking Bluff Knoll in autumn


Visit Perth in the summer (December to February) if you want to spend time on the beaches. Avoid if you want to hike or don’t like the heat (January and February are the hottest months of the year). Although average temperatures are about 31°C, they can reach 44°C.

Perth Weather December

December is the start of summer and peak season in Perth. Temperatures start to climb with maximum temperatures averaging 30°C with little rain (lowest of the year). Evenings are mild, with average overnight minimums of 16°C. The afternoon sea breeze, known to locals as the Fremantle Doctor, cools the city down.

Perth Weather January

Summer continues with the second-highest average temperatures of 31°C and an overnight low of 18°C. The sea breeze brings relief to the intense heat. January is mostly dry, with a few rainy days due to cyclones in the northern part of WA.

Perth Weather February

February is the hottest month of the year, with average daytime highs of 32°C. It’s not as busy as schools go back, and residents return to work.

a wide white sand beach curved round with huge cranes in the distance and people walking on the beach
Port Beach


March to May is shoulder season in Perth, with fewer crowds and slightly cheaper accommodation. Expect warm sunny days with cooler nights and occasional showers.

Perth Weather March

Perth weather in March remains warm but not too hot – average maximum temperatures of 30°C, minimum of 17°C, and five days of rain.

Perth Weather April

The mean maximum temperature in April drops to a mild 26°C with a minimum of 14°C. Rainfall starts to increase with an average of five rainy days in the month.

Perth Weather May

The last month of autumn brings temperatures of 22°C and 11°C overnight with more rain. The average rainfall for May is 88mm, with eleven mean days of rain.

the waterfall at 60 foot falls perth flowing down granite rocks into emerald green pool
60 Foot Falls in autumn


June to August is Perth’s winter and its quietest time, with not as much to do. Winter is the wettest time of year in Perth and the coldest.

Perth Weather June

June is the official start of winter when average daytime temperatures drop to 19°C and 9°C overnight. It is the second wettest month of the year after July, with 124mm of rainfall and half the month experiencing some showers.

Perth Weather July

With an average of 18°C during the day and 8°C overnight, July is Perth’s coldest month. About 147mm of rain falls over 17 days.

Perth Weather August

Expect similar temperatures in August as in July, with slightly less rain.

tables set with white linen with large windows of views over perth skyline from up high
A winter day in Perth at C Restaurant


Springtime in Perth is a beautiful time to visit, with wildflowers blooming. Days start to warm up with maximum temperatures between 20°C and 27°C and less rain.

Perth Weather September

Not much of a difference in daytime temperature to August, but less rain with 82 mm.

Perth Weather October

Perth starts to warm up with daytime mean temperatures of 23°C and minimums of 12°C. About 90mm of rain usually only falls over about nine days.

Perth Weather November

Daytime averages increase to 27°C and 14°C overnight. Expect about six days of rain a month and 25mm.

lots of pink wildflowers
Wildflowers in Kings Park

Noongar Calendar

Noongar country extends from Leeman on Australia’s Coral Coast to beyond Cape Arid, near Esperance, in Australia’s southwest. The Noongar calendar includes six seasons – Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba, and Kambarang.

Each season represents seasonal changes that occur annually, like the flowering of different plants, the hibernation of reptiles, and the moulting of swans.

As the land guides the seasons, they can be long or short and do not have set dates.

Visit Kaartdijin Noongar (Welcome to Noongar Knowledge) for more information on Noongar culture.

Does it snow in Perth?

Snow has never been recorded in Perth’s CBD, but dustings have been reported in the Perth Hills.
Snowfall is usually limited to the peak of Bluff Knoll in Stirling Range National Park.