Discover Trigg Beach: A Comprehensive Guide

Trigg Beach, located along the stunning coastline of Perth showcases the breathtaking beauty of nature. With its golden sands, turquoise waters, powerful waves, and scenic views, Trigg Beach is popular with locals and visitors.

As Perth locals, we often spend time in Trigg, either walking along the coastal path or enjoying a coffee or lunch at one of the places close by.

Where is Trigg Beach?

Trigg Beach is 15 kilometers northwest of Perth’s city center, boasting a prime coastal location.

International and domestic visitors will fly into Perth Airport. Find details about visas, prohibited items, currency, and safety in this Australia Travel Guide and tips on arriving into WA and other essential travel information in this Western Australia Travel Guide.

How to get to Trigg Beach

The easiest way to get to Trigg Beach is to drive or take a taxi (or ride-share). There’s parking available but it can fill quickly on weekends and public holidays.

To get there by public transport, use Transperth’s Journey Planner.

surfers in the ocean at trigg beach perth

Trigg Beach Amenities

The beach is well-maintained and lifeguards diligently watch over swimmers, every weekend from October through to the end of March. Conveniently located toilets and showers are available and beachfront cafes and restaurants dot the coastline.

Next to the beach is Clarko Reserve, a large grassed area with picnic tables, bbqs, and a playground. It’s a popular place to catch up with friends and family.

green grass and picnic table at clarko reserve trigg
Clarko Reserve Trigg

Water Activities

Trigg Beach is renowned as a mecca for surfers, with its consistent waves drawing enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner eager to catch your first wave, Trigg Beach caters to all skill levels.

This beach is also popular with body boarders and kite surfers. 

However, Trigg is one of the most hazardous beaches in Perth with the infamous Blue Hole, a permanent rip that runs out on the south side of the island.

Pay attention to the Surf Lifesavers who patrol the beach from October to March and always swim between the red and yellow flags.

For snorkelling, head further north to Mettams Pool.

surfing lessons at trigg beach wa

Coastal Walks

The picturesque coastal walk from Trigg Beach to Hillary’s offers breathtaking ocean views and invigorating sea breezes. Stop along the way at one of the cafes.

sign for the coastal path from trigg beach

Best Times to Visit Trigg Beach

The summer months, from December to February, offer perfect weather for beach activities and water sports. The warm temperatures and reliable surf conditions make it an excellent time for surfing and swimming. However, this is also the peak season, so the beach may be more crowded.

For a quieter experience, consider visiting in the shoulder seasons of spring (September to November) or autumn (March to May). During these times, the weather is still pleasant, and you can enjoy the beach with fewer crowds. These seasons also provide opportunities for coastal walks with milder temperatures.

Keep an eye out for local events and festivals that take place near Trigg Beach. These may include beach-related competitions, markets, and beach yoga.

aerial view of surfers in the ocean at trigg beach perth wa
Surfers at Trigg Beach by Tourism Western Australia

Tips for Visiting Trigg Beach

Sun Protection and Beach Safety

Australia’s sun can be intense, so protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen regularly, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and bring sunglasses to shield your eyes. Remember to stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle with you and seek shade during the hottest hours of the day.

Bring Beach Essentials and Equipment

Pack beach essentials, including towels, beach chairs, and umbrellas, and appropriate gear such as surfboards, snorkeling equipment, or beach toys for children.

Respect the Environment and Wildlife

Trigg Beach is a precious ecosystem, so it’s essential to leave only footprints behind. Dispose of your trash properly in designated bins and avoid leaving any litter on the beach. Help protect the marine life and their habitats by refraining from touching or removing any coral or shells. Remember, these natural treasures contribute to the beach’s unique beauty and play a vital role in the ecosystem.

When encountering wildlife, maintain a respectful distance and observe them without disturbing their natural behavior.

Follow Local Rules and Regulations

To ensure everyone’s safety, it’s important to adhere to local rules and regulations. Observe any signage or warnings regarding swimming conditions and follow lifeguards’ instructions. Some areas of the beach may be designated for specific activities such as surfing or swimming, so be mindful of any restrictions.

playground at clarko reserve trigg beach