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Local’s Guide to the Top 10 Best Tours in Margaret River

Margaret River is one of Western Australia’s premier destinations where extraordinary experiences await. From world-renowned wineries offering the finest vintages to pristine beaches that stretch beyond the horizon, Margaret River offers a diverse palette of adventures.

Join me, a Western Australia resident who visits the region several times a year, as I guide you through the top tours of Margaret River.

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Top 10 Tours to Experience in Margaret River

From vineyards that produce some of the world’s finest wines to rugged coastlines beckoning surfers and nature lovers alike, there’s a tour for every taste. Here’s my selection of the top tours you won’t want to miss on your Margaret River adventure:

wine tasting area in aravina estate with private dining room behind
Aravina Wine Tasting

1. Wine Tasting

Margaret River is synonymous with premium winemaking, boasting 100 cellar doors. Take a wine tasting tour that takes you behind the scenes of the region’s most celebrated cellars. Sample exquisite Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnays while learning about the winemaking process from the experts.

Some of my favourites include:

Wine & Sights Discovery Tour by South West Eco Discoveries
Full Day Wine Tour by Harvest Tours

See more wine tours here.

inside lake cave in margaret river with lights reflecting off the water
Lake Cave

2. Cave Tours

The region has over 100 limestone caves, each with unique formations and stories. Journey through ancient underground landscapes on a guided tour of Jewel Cave, Lake Cave, or Mammoth Cave, where you’ll encounter stunning stalactites, stalagmites, and crystal formations that have been millennia in the making. These caves offer a glimpse into the earth’s geological history and serve as a cool respite from the Australian sun. Some tours also share insights into the Aboriginal significance of these sites, adding a rich cultural layer to your adventure.

Check out the following cave tours:

Jewel Cave Fully Guided Tour
Ngilgi Cave Semi-Guided Show Cave Tour
Lake Cave Fully Guided Tour
Mammoth Cave Self-Guided Audio Tour
Twilight Didgeridoo Cave Tour
Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour

a white lighthouse on cape naturaliste
Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

3. Lighthouse Tours

For a different perspective on Margaret River’s stunning coastline, the lighthouse tours of Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste offer breathtaking views and a fascinating glimpse into maritime history.

At the southernmost point, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse stands as a sentinel where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet, with guided tours that take you to the top for panoramic views that are simply unforgettable. To the north, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse provides an easier climb, rewarding visitors with spectacular views over Geographe Bay and the surrounding national park.

Both tours offer insights into the lighthouses’ roles in maritime navigation and shipwreck stories, enriching your understanding of the region’s history. Whether witnessing the majestic whales on their migration routes from Cape Naturaliste or embracing the sheer power of the ocean at Cape Leeuwin, these lighthouses are not just navigational aids but historical landmarks that offer a unique way to experience the natural beauty and heritage of Margaret River.

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aerial view of whale on a whale watch tour in south west wa

4. Wildlife Tours

Margaret River’s pristine environment is a haven for wildlife, including the unforgettable spectacle of whale watching. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from Margaret River’s wildlife tours:

Whale Watching Tours: Between June and November, the waters around the Margaret River region become a stage for one of nature’s most magnificent displays — the annual whale migration. Join a whale watching tour to witness these majestic creatures journeying through the Indian Ocean. From the humpback and southern right whales to the rare blue whales, you’ll have the chance to see these gentle giants up close, playing, breaching, and frolicking in the ocean.

Dunsborough Whale Watching Eco Tours by Naturaliste Charters Whale Watching
Dunsborough Whale Watching
by All Sea Charters Whale Watching & Boat Tours
Dunsborough Sunset Whale Watching by Naturaliste Charters Whale Watching
Augusta Whale Watching by All Sea Charters Whale Watching & Boat Tours
Augusta Whale Watching Eco Tours by Naturaliste Charters Whale Watching
Busselton Whale Watching by All Sea Charters Whale Watching & Boat Tours
Busselton Whale Watching Eco Tours by Naturaliste Charters Whale Watching

Birdwatching and Native Wildlife: Beyond the ocean, Margaret River’s forests and wetlands are alive with a chorus of birdlife and are home to an array of native wildlife.

Eagles Heritage Encounters provides care and rehabilitation for birds of prey. It currently houses over 40 raptors, including Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls, who cannot return to the wild. A 1km bush walk allows you to view aviaries, and there’s a twice-daily Birds of Prey Encounter.

For those interested in a broader wildlife experience, book this nocturnal walks tour to see nocturnal animals such as possums, owls, and even the elusive Western ringtail possum.

Or why not be a Reptile Keeper For The Day (2 Hour)?

lady in a green jacket canoeing along the Margaret River on a tour

5. Adventure Tours

For the thrill-seekers, Margaret River offers a variety of outdoor adventures. Hit the trails on an easy horse ride through premium Margaret River çountryside, learn to Stand Up Paddle in the wilderness of the Blackwood River National Park, have a surf lesson or dive the Lena wreck, which provides a unique diving experience for all levels.

This Margaret River Discovery Tour is one of the most popular in the region. The day includes canoeing (you won’t get wet or dirty), wildflower and whale spotting while walking the Cape to Cape Track, a luxury 4WD adventure and an exclusive behind-the-scenes winery lunch at Fraser Gallop Estate. 

people walking along track with views of the ocean
Cape to Cape

6. Coastal and Nature Walks

Discover the serene beauty of Margaret River’s coastline with a guided nature walk. Explore pristine beaches, towering cliffs, and the famous Cape to Cape Track, stretching over 135 kilometres of coastal scenery.

This Cape to Cape Self-Guided 3 Day Smiths Beach Tour by Cape to Cape Explorer Tours takes in the most spectacular parts of the coastline.

Local's Guide to the Top 10 Best Tours in Margaret River
Temper Temper Cowaramup

7. Gourmet Food and Farm Tours

Margaret River’s culinary scene is as diverse as its landscapes. Indulge in a gourmet food tour showcasing the best of local produce, from artisan cheeses to handcrafted chocolates. Visit local farms, meet the passionate producers, and taste the freshness of farm-to-table delights.

aboriginal tour leader with traditional food

8. Aboriginal Cultural Tours

Participating in an Aboriginal cultural tour will give a deeper understanding of the land and its original custodians. Led by Indigenous guides, these tours offer an insightful look into the rich history and spiritual significance of Margaret River’s landscapes.

Two good ones are the Twilight Didgeridoo Cave Tour and the Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour.

9. Scenic Flight

Elevate your Margaret River experience with a breathtaking scenic flight, offering a bird’s-eye view of this diverse landscape’s beauty. From the comfort of a helicopter or seaplane, soar above lush vineyards, pristine beaches, and the majestic coastline, witnessing the region’s splendour from a perspective few get to see. These flights provide unparalleled views and a unique opportunity to grasp the vastness and diversity of Margaret River.

Margaret River Pick a Lighthouse (60 minute) Scenic Flight by Scenic Helicopters
A Taste of Margaret River Seaplane Tour by Swan River Seaplanes
Regional Eye Opener (30 minute flight) Margaret River by Scenic Helicopters
Regional Eye Opener (45 minute flight) Margaret River by Scenic Helicopters
Margaret River from Above (20 minute flight) by Scenic Helicopters

 a classic black pearl lugger sailboat, is moored in calm, blue waters under a clear sky. Passengers are visible on deck, enjoying the sunshine and open sea views
Pearl Lugger Cruise

10. Cruises

Cruises offer a unique vantage point of the region’s stunning coastline, with opportunities to spot dolphins playfully escorting the boat, seals basking on the rocks, and an array of seabirds in their natural habitat. Whether you’re seeking romance under the sunset or an educational family outing, these boat tours promise beauty and connection with nature.

Busselton Jetty Morning Sail (Supplied by Willie Pearl Lugger Cruises)
Dunsborough Afternoon Sail (Supplied by Willie Pearl Lugger Cruises)
Sunset Cruise, Drinks + Dinner (Supplied by Shelter Brewing Co)
Busselton Sunset Cruise (Supplied by All Sea Charters Whale Watching & Boat Tours)

Making the Most of Your Visit to Margaret River

To ensure your visit is as smooth and hassle-free as possible, here are my practical tips for making the most of your visit.

Best Time to Visit

Margaret River is a year-round destination, but each season offers different experiences. Spring (September to November) brings wildflower blooms and ideal weather for outdoor activities. Summer (December to February) is perfect for beachgoers and surfers, though it’s also the busiest season. Autumn (March to May) offers the spectacle of harvest season in the vineyards, making it ideal for wine enthusiasts. Winter (June to August) is less crowded and the perfect time for cosy winery visits.


From luxury retreats in the forest to beachfront cottages, Margaret River has accommodation to suit every taste and budget. Booking in advance is highly recommended, especially during peak seasons and local festivals.

Getting Around

The best way to explore Margaret River is by car, allowing you to visit remote beaches and hidden wineries at your own pace. Car rentals are available in nearby cities like Perth, with a scenic drive of approximately 3 hours to Margaret River. For those preferring not to drive, several tour operators offer guided tours that cover key attractions, providing transportation and commentary.

Travel Responsibly

As you explore the natural wonders of Margaret River, remember to travel responsibly. Respect wildlife, stick to designated trails, and follow guidelines when visiting sensitive ecological areas. Supporting local businesses and choosing eco-friendly tour operators are great ways to contribute to the region’s sustainability efforts.

Stay Connected

While disconnecting might be part of your Margaret River escape, staying informed about local events, weather conditions, and any travel advisories is important. Local visitor centres can provide valuable insights and updates to enhance your stay.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through Margaret River. I hope this guide inspires you to book the diverse tours available.