Top 10 Things To Do in Northbridge Perth: Locals Guide 2024

Hi, Kaya. I’m Wendy, a mum to twins who moved to Perth over 20 years ago. As a proud local with an unwavering love for our city, I want to share the fun side of Northbridge and help you make the most out of your day there.

Dave grew up in Perth and has witnessed the area’s transformation into a hub of cultural expression, from trendy cafes and bustling markets to captivating street art and buzzing nightlife.

people sitting outside little willys cafe in northbridge perth a good start to a one day northbridge itinerary
Little Willys Café Northbridge by Tourism WA

1. Breakfast

Start your day with a delicious breakfast at one of Northbridge’s trendy cafes. Indulge in a hearty brunch or savour a freshly brewed cup of coffee to energise yourself for the day ahead.

My tip: Try Little Willy’s or Little Bird

street art mural of a red tail black cockatoo sitting on a tree branch with green leaves and yellow flowers
Laurel Nannup & Stephen Genovese Black Cockatoo

2. Street Art

Northbridge is renowned for its captivating murals, graffiti, and street art pieces contributing to the neighbourhood’s creative atmosphere.

Northbridge’s laneways and building exteriors are adorned with striking artworks that showcase a range of styles and themes. Artists have utilised walls, doors, and other surfaces as canvases to create large-scale murals, intricate stencils, and vibrant graffiti pieces.

Perth’s street art scene is dynamic and ever-changing. New artworks often appear, while older ones may be painted over or replaced, reflecting the transient nature of street art.

If you’re interested in experiencing street art in Northbridge, you can join a guided walking tour. Local tour operators offer guided walks that take you through the neighbourhood, highlighting notable artworks, sharing stories about the artists, and providing insights into the significance of the pieces.

3. Northbridge Piazza

Stop at Northbridge Piazza. This outdoor public space hosts various events, from live music performances to film screenings. Relax on the grass, soak up the atmosphere, and embrace Northbridge’s lively energy.

4. Lunch

Northbridge is a haven for food lovers, with a huge range of international cuisines waiting to be explored. Whether you’re craving Asian delicacies, Mediterranean delights, or hearty pub fare, I know the best spots to satisfy your culinary desires.

Read this: Best Restaurants in Northbridge

close up of a huge whlae skeleton at perth museum of western australia

5. Perth Cultural Centre

Visit the Western Australian Museum (one of Perth’s best museums) and delve into stories of the past through exhibits that highlight the region’s unique culture and natural wonders. If time allows, visit the Art Gallery of WA or PICA.

6. Shopping

Northbridge is known for its eclectic mix of fashion boutiques and independent shops. Along William Street and its surrounding laneways, you’ll find a variety of unique fashion stores offering clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewellery. These often stock local and independent designers, providing an opportunity to discover distinctive fashion pieces.

7. Hyde Park

Situated just a short distance from Northbridge, Hyde Park is one of the city’s most iconic and beautiful parks. It features lush greenery, a serene lake, walking paths, and plenty of open spaces. Have a picnic, go for a walk, or relax under the shade of the trees.

poster advertising dracula escape room in northbridge perth

8. Escape Room Northbridge

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ over 1,600 reviews

Escape This Northbridge is one of Perth’s most immersive escape rooms Prepare to challenge your wits, conquer confined spaces, and dive into an adventure like no other.

With a variety of themed rooms, each door you open reveals a world of excitement and mystery. Will you attempt to pull off a daring bank heist? Sit down for a bone-chilling dinner with The Cannibal? Or unleash your inner wizard in the enchanted Wizard’s Chamber?

Whatever you choose, don’t let these escape rooms turn into panic rooms! Keep your cool, work together with your team, and do whatever it takes to escape!

Please note that the minimum age is 9 years unless a room states an older age limit.

9. Mini Golf

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ over 1,800 reviews

Get ready to put your skills to the test at Holey Moley, where mini golf gets a whole new twist. This unique venue takes the classic game of mini golf and turns it into an extraordinary experience with creatively designed holes ranging from mind-bending obstacles to pop culture references.

Holey Moley Northbridge only allows people under 18 after 5 pm. Also, due to liquor licence requirements, minors MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Young couple dining at The Standard in Northbridge.
The Standard Northbridge by The City of Perth

10. Night Life

As the sun sets, Northbridge’s vibrant nightlife comes alive. Enjoy pre-dinner drinks at one of the trendy bars in the area followed by a sumptuous dinner at one of Northbridge’s acclaimed restaurants.

End your day trip on a high note by enjoying Northbridge’s lively entertainment scene. Catch a live music performance, enjoy a stand-up comedy show, or dance the night away at one of the energetic nightclubs.

Where to Stay in Northbridge

  1. Alex Hotel: Alex Hotel offers a contemporary and stylish stay for tourists in the centre of Northbridge. The hotel’s modern design provides a comfortable experience. The friendly staff and personalised service ensure a memorable stay, while its central location allows easy access to Northbridge’s vibrant nightlife, cultural attractions, and an array of dining options.
  2. DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Northbridge: This renowned hotel brand brings its signature hospitality to Northbridge. DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Northbridge offers well-appointed rooms with modern amenities and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a range of on-site facilities, including a rooftop pool, a fitness centre, and multiple dining options. The hotel’s convenient location provides easy access to Northbridge’s cultural precinct, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.
  3. Four Points by Sheraton Perth: Situated in a prime location in Perth, Four Points by Sheraton Perth offers a comfortable and convenient stay for tourists. The hotel features contemporary rooms with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay. Guests can enjoy a range of facilities, including a fitness centre, a bar, and a restaurant. The hotel’s proximity to Northbridge’s nightlife, cultural attractions, and dining options make it an excellent choice for tourists looking to explore the area.

Northbridge is hopefully just the beginning of your adventure in Perth. There is much more to discover in this dynamic city and its surrounding areas. Whether it’s the stunning beaches, the scenic parks, or the bustling city center, Perth has a multitude of attractions waiting to be explored.

Check out the following blog posts, where we uncover the best tours, share insider tips, and guide you through the captivating attractions that Perth has in store.

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