Find out all the best things to do in Hamelin Bay Western Australia. The beach has some pretty cool visitors and I’m not talking about you.

This small settlement was once the major port for the timber industry. However, the open sea mixed with violent storms was catastrophic for the shipping vessels. A particularly bad storm on 22 July 1900 sank three ships which led to the port being closed.

Hamelin Bay now only consists of its beautiful beach, a camping area, a kiosk, and toilets.

Location of Hamelin Bay Western Australia

Hamelin Bay is in Western Australia’s South West, on the coast between Margaret River and Augusta.

It will take you just over a 3-hour drive from Perth and half an hour from the Margaret River region.

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Things to do in Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay is well known in Western Australia for its sandy beach and the abundance of stingrays that visit here.

a view of hamelin bay western australia from cape to cape track


Snorkel around the bay and let these friendly creatures swim around you. If you don’t feel comfortable snorkelling, at certain times they head in close to shore to feed on the scraps left behind by fishermen.

You do need to time it though as the water can be quite choppy in the late afternoon and it’s harder to spot them. A summer morning is your best chance of seeing them when the ocean is clear and calm.

Just remember they are wild, so don’t get too close to them and don’t touch them. Although they are not normally aggressive, they will defend themselves if they feel threatened.

Tip: If you miss out on seeing them at Hamelin Bay, head down the road to Augusta. They sometimes come into the Blackwood River to feed on fish scraps outside the Turner Holiday Park. You might also see Dolphins and Pelicans here.

large wild stingray in the ocean close up one of the best things to do in hamelin bay

Beach Fishing

The beach is packed with fishermen in Autumn for the annual Salmon Run. It is such a huge event, that recreational fishermen contribute a staggering $331 million to the State’s economy each year. Schools of migrating Western Australian Salmon, which are different from the pink-fleshed Atlantic salmon, attract a large number of visitors to the Southwest.

Have a look at the images by SouthWestSaltWater, it’s incredible to see.

If you fish close to shore in a small boat, you might catch Herring, Whiting, and Skippy. Further out there is great fishing for Dhufish (my favourite), Pink Snapper, Samson Fish, and Queen Snapper.

a boat in the sea and a sandy beach and old wooden jetty pilons

Diving & Snorkelling

There are some fantastic wreck dives for advanced divers. In fact, there are 11 wrecks to explore in the Hamelin Bay Wreck Trail.

There’s a lot to see snorkeling too. Leeuwin Charters run Hamelin Bay Snorkel Adventure tours to Boranup Beach (to the wreck of the Katinka) followed by a stop at Hamelin Island.


The Cape to Cape Track runs through Hamelin Bay beach so why not walk part of it. It’s a 13 km return trail to Cosy Corner which will take approximately 4 hours. The walk does involve some short, steep sections but you will be rewarded with some magnificent views.

Hamelin Bay Observation Deck

Just a short walk along the Cape to cape track, leads you to the Hamelin Bay Observation Deck. From here, you have stunning views of the bay and an information panel on the history.

two people walking on a gravel track
Part of the Cape to Cape Track

Explore the Margaret River region

The region of Margaret River is known for its natural beauty and breathtaking views. The area features numerous wineries, beautiful farmland, stunning beaches, and majestic forests. You can enjoy coastal scenery, explore limestone caves or go fishing- whatever your interests are, there’s no shortage of excitement to be had in the Margaret River Region.

Find out more on this guide on things to do in Margaret River.

Hamelin Bay Facilities

There are public toilets, a boat ramp, and a kiosk to buy snacks from. However, there aren’t any BBQs or grassed area for picnics.

Camping and Accommodation near Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay Holiday Park offers a range of camping sites as well as self-catering accommodation. The camping grounds have amenities, washing facilities, a kiosk, a playground, barbecues, and a camp kitchen.

If you don’t want to stay at a caravan park, Augusta has a large variety of accommodation to suit all needs and budgets.

If you want to stay in a hotel, then I suggest staying in Margaret River.

Check out the site we use to see what great deals they have today.

Weather near Hamelin Bay

The hottest months are in our summer (Dec-Feb) where the average highs are 36 degrees. March, April & November still have warm 30 degree days and would suit you better if you don’t like the heat.

The coldest months are in winter; June to August. During this time, the temperature will be around 21 and a minimum of 9.

The most rain falls between May and August.

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sun shining on the ocean with a boat in the background and an old jetty

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  1. Vanessa Shields says:

    Hamelin Bay looks so beautiful and has some of my favorite activities! I would enjoy scuba diving the wrecks, swimming with sting rays and go for a hike. Thank you for introducing this lovely spot to me!

    1. Thank you Vanessa. I know you would really love diving the wrecks.

  2. I am finding so many new spots to visit in Australia. Makes me even sadder we had to cancel our trip this year. I would love to see stingrays in a more natural environment so a stop at Hamelin Bay sounds perfect. Especially if there were dolphins around! We loved our scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. But might want to try Hamelin Bay for wreck diving. So many reasons to plan a long return visit!

    1. I hope you manage to visit soon Linda. There are some great wreck dives around Western Australia and the reef at Exmouth is supposedly as good (if not better) than the Great Barrier Reef.

  3. What a lovely place, Wendy! It is so cold in British Columbia right now, that I wish we could be in snorkeling in Hamelin Bay right now!

    1. It’s cold and raining here today so I wouldn’t mind being on a beach somewhere warm too.

  4. I would love to go snorkling there to see the Stingrays. I wish I knew anything about diving to see shipwrecks although the thought of breathing from an air tank terrifies me.

    1. I’ve only ever done an introductory dive and went down to 10m. That was enough for me. Dave’s done a few wreck dives though.

  5. The stingrays at Hamelin Bay would be exciting to see! The hiking, snorkeling, and diving opportunities sound appealing. Though I could probably just lounge on that beautiful beach and be perfectly happy too!

    1. Something for everyone!

  6. I went to Western Australia a few years ago but never heard of Hamelin Bay! Looks amazing, and the snorkelling and diving would be right up my street!

    1. It’s right down past Margaret River so a bit out of the way.

  7. I’m with John on thoughts about the sad connection between Steve Irwin and Australian stingrays , but I would love to see them from the edge of those beautiful shores.

    1. It was devastating. I can still remember vividly where I was at the precise moment I heard about it. It took me a long time to get over my fear of them after that but it is a pretty rare occurrence.

    1. Thank you for reading.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous location. I always think I’ll be at the mercy of stingrays if I went near them. Thoughts of the crocodile hunter.

    1. I was contemplating mentioning Steve Irwin but decided against it.

  9. I’ve yet to visit Australia Wendy and I’m happy that you’ve put Hamelin Bay on my radar. I’d give anything to be by the beach right now too; it was interesting reading about its history, and you’re absolutely right, it’s more than just a beach.

  10. what an interesting history of hamelin bay! i love the diversity of marine life you can see there. I’d love to see some stingrays or pelicans. the salmon run sounds incredible too!

    what a nice place for a beach holiday with plenty of activities 🙂

    1. Just one of our lovely beaches

  11. Sounds like some fantastic wildlife to see out there as well as lovely coastal scenery. We get excited when we see one or two stingrays coming into the lagoon off Wellington harbour! What’s more, your winter temperatures sound like our summer ones 🙂 🙂

    1. We are so lucky with our weather here, not sure I could live back in England now haha

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