a stunning sandy bay with sparkling blue ocean

The Best Things to do in Green Head & Leeman

Green Head and Leeman are small coastal towns on the Indian Ocean Drive, known for their laid-back lifestyle and pristine beaches. Find out all the things to do in Green Head and Leeman to make the most out of your holiday.

Things to do in Green Head


The beaches in Green Head are stunning with white silica sand, turquoise water, and rugged cliffs.

Dynamite Bay was rated number 19 in Australia’s Top 101 Best Beaches for 2017. This beach is great for families as the bay is almost circular, providing protected and calm conditions as only low waves reach the shore. As this is the main beach in Green Head, you will find a large car park, toilets, and picnic facilities here.

South Bay is a 6.5 km long sandy beach forming the “south bay” of the head. Seagrass meadows are found 50m offshore, so often large amounts of seagrass debris accumulate in the northern corner, where boats are launched. It’s suitable for swimming, fishing, or taking a walk along.

Anchorage Bay, between Dynamite Bay and Point Louise, has an old jetty previously used by the Department of Transport, where you can launch your boat.

Point Louise is the main surf break in Green Head but is also good for snorkelling as the water is crystal clear.

a beautiful sandy bay with ocean different shades of blue
Dynamite Bay – a great beach for families and snorkelling

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Green Head’s bays are perfect for snorkelling, while the offshore islands and reefs are great for scuba diving.

Some of the snorkel spots are:

  • South Bay
  • Herring Point
  • Billy Goat Bay
  • Dynamite Bay
  • Milligan Island
  • Anchorage Bay
  • South Leeman
rocky headland and bay with calm clear water showing reef
Anchorage Bay Green Head


The surf break at Point Louise only works when there is a large outside swell. The Surfers Point Break car park is located above the beaches and provide a view of the reef breaks that are 100-200 m off Point Louise. The beaches are all usually calm with some seagrass debris.

Wind and Kite Surfing

Green Head is one of the windiest places in Western Australia, making excellent windsurfing and kite surfing conditions. Head to Point Louise or Little Anchorage Bay when the sea breeze is in.

South Bay is suitable for beginners due to the calm water inside the reef.


Beach fishing isn’t that great in Green Head due to shallow water and the amount of seagrass. However, Point Louise can fish well for Tailor and Whiting.

Your best bet to land a decent catch is to head offshore with the chance of Dhufish, Baldchin Groper, Samson Fish, Snapper, Mackerel, and Tuna.

person fishing off a beach
Beach fishing in Green Head

Australian Sea Lions

There’s a good chance of seeing the rare Australian Sea Lion in Green Head as one of the largest colonies are on Fisherman’s Island, just south of Green Head.

If you want to see them up close or swim with them, Sea Lion tours are available from Jurien Bay.

island in the ocean
Fisherman’s Island Green Head

Three Bays Walkway

This is a beautiful easy 2.8 km walk trail (one way) along the coast from Anchorage Bay to South Bay. However, we parked in the middle at Dynamite Bay to use the facilities and walked south to South Bay.

Along the walk, you have the chance to see a range of wildlife, including white-belled sea eagles, ospreys, sea lions, and dolphins. During spring, the wildflowers bring colour to the landscape. There are interpretive signs about the history of the area, the environment, and flora and fauna along the way.

Each bay has a lookout with seating and stunning views.

walk trail along the coast to look outs
Three Bays Walkway trail

South Bay / Cliff Park

Cliff Park has parking west of Cliff Park at South Bay, with long vehicle bays. The park has an accessible toilet block, BBQ, and gazebo.

Dynamite Bay

The popular Dynamite Bay has a lovely foreshore area with toilets, gazebos, shelters, BBQs, tables, and showers. There are two lookouts, one at each of the headland points.

There’s plenty of parking with some long vehicle bays.

Anchorage Bay / Morphett Park

Morphett Park is a larger park at the northern end of the walking trail featuring a playground, accessible toilet, and sheltered picnic tables. The car park can accommodate trailers and long vehicles.

The limestone rock lookout is just south of the park with beautiful views.

Tips for the Three Bays Walkway:

  • Bring sun protection, including a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • Take enough drinking water
  • Wear comfortable and sturdy walking shoes
  • Be aware of potential dangers, like snakes
  • Take all rubbish with you
  • If walking dogs, remember bags for dog litter
  • Carry a camera/phone to capture those stunning views
Three Bays Walkway map Green Head for one of the best things to do in green head
Three Bays Walkway map Green Head


Green Head Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course surrounded by natural bushland and suitable for all levels.


There are a few playgrounds in Green Head and a skate park across the road from the Greenhead Caravan Park, along with a BMX track and oval.

Window Rock at Sunset

This island lies just 20m off the coast and is a good snorkel spot. However, it’s best viewed at sunset from the beach when it creates a natural window.

Lesueur National Park

Lesueur National Park, a 25-minute drive from Green Head, is one of the best places to view Western Australian wildflowers. Visit here around August and September, and you will see stunning wildflowers, including orchids. Over 900 species of flora are found in this park, 10% of Western Australia’s known varieties.

The one-way 18.5 km loop drive is a great way to see Lesueur NP, especially in spring when the wildflowers bloom. In addition, a few walk trails leave from the scenic drive:

Botanical Path – a 400 m return walk leading to Iain Wilson Lookout with interpretative signs identifying local plants and indigenous culture.

Lesueur Trail – a 400 m return trail from the Iain Wilson Lookout to the summit of Mount Lesueur, offering beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

Gairdner Ridge – a 2.5 km loop that leaves from Drummond car park through heath and low woodlands to Gairdner Ridge.

road winding through park with native trees and flowers
Lesueur National Park

Stockyard Gully Caves

Stockyard Gully Reserve is home to several limestone caves that lead to an underground river system.

A 4wd is required to reach the cave car-parks, and although you can access the caves from north and south, the easiest way is from Coorow-Green Head Road in the south, turning onto Cockleshell Gully Road.

The 1.3 km return trail starts at the Cockleshell Gully Road picnic area and takes you along a sandy gully and into a wide limestone cave.

Make sure you bring a torch as you can’t see when you get into the middle of the cave, but don’t shine it at the colonies of bats that live in the cave.

Natural beehives are at both entrances, so take care not to disturb the bees.

entrance to dark cave
Stockyard Gully Cave

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is only a 20-minute drive south of Green Heads, so an excellent option for a day trip if you are staying in Green Head for a while. This guide on things to do in Jurien Bay provides all the information required for a fun day out.

white sand beach with bright green water
Jurien Bay


For the best wildflowers around Green Head, visit Lesueur National Park, Stockyard Gully Reserve, or Alexander Morrison National Park. The best time to see the wildflowers in bloom is from August to October.

lilac wildflowers with green leaves
Lesueur National Park


What started as a sleep fishing village has now turned into a relaxing destination for travellers looking for peace and quiet. Visitors enjoy fishing, surfing, and windsurfing.

How to get to Green Head and Leeman

International and domestic visitors will fly into Perth Airport. Find details about visas, prohibited items, currency, and safety in this Australia Travel Guide and tips on arriving into WA and other essential travel information in this Western Australia Travel Guide.

Green Head is 250 km north of Perth and will take about 2 hours and 45 minutes to drive direct. However, I suggest taking your time and stopping along the way at Cervantes, the Pinnacles, and Jurien Bay.

The best time to visit Green Head and Leeman

In Green Head and Leeman, summers are dry and warm, while winter is wet and cool. It can be windy year-round but windier during the summer months. The shoulder months are best for hiking, with spring bringing colour to the region with wildflowers.

a bay on a cloudy rainy day
View of Dynamite Bay and car park in winter

Accommodation in Green Head is limited. Green Head Caravan Park offers one and two-bedroom chalets, or click on the map below to view other options.

We Camped at Jurien Bay Caravan Park and visited Green Head on a day trip. The chalets there looked very nice.

See photos here.

Green Head Camping

Green Head Caravan Park has a range of powered and unpowered sites suitable for caravans, campervans, motorhomes, buses, 5th wheelers, and tents. 

Leeman Caravan Park offers camping sites and cabins in the quiet town with beach access.

If you’re looking for bush camping near a secluded beach, try Milligan Island, between Green Head and Leeman. It offers 36 short-term (maximum of 72 hours) campsites on a first-come, first-serve basis. Fees are paid in cash to the caretaker, currently A$20 per vehicle per night.

Facilities include two long-drop toilets, three shade shelters,  two gas BBQs and are ideal for self-sufficient caravans/RV’s and campers. However, as this is an eco-tourist site, there is no running water or power. Dog are allowed as long as they are kept on a lead.

Billygoat Bay is not only secluded but beautiful and curves for about 1 km with views to offshore islands.

a small island off a white sand beach
Milligan Island

A Brief History of Greenhead and Leeman

I would like to respectfully acknowledge the Amangu people, Traditional Owners, and First People of these lands. I would like to pay my respect to the Elders past, present, and future, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture, and hopes of their people.

The name Leeman derived from the Dutch upper steersman and navigator Abraham Leeman van Santwits, who became shipwrecked on the Fishermen Islands in 1658. He was onboard the Waeckende Boey which was searching for survivors of the Vergulde Draeck.

In 1862, a stock route was gazetted along the coast, and by the 1940s, the rock lobster industry was becoming established.

The army was based at Green Head to watch along the coast in 1941.

WA government subdivided land in 1961, and a year later, the town (then named Snag Island) was gazetted. The name was changed to Leeman in 1966.

In the 1980s, Leeman became a commuting zone for miners working for Western Titanium near Eneabba, causing the population to increase.

Green Head and Leeman are cray fishing towns but are becoming holiday destinations.

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