large mural street art of man and lady in red with the lady holding a red umbrella and the man wearing a red hat

Perth Street Art: Locals Guide to Finding Them

Our vibrant city may be known for its stunning beaches and picturesque landscapes, but Perth street art adorns its walls and is becoming a popular attraction for visitors.

In recent years, street art has transformed Perth’s laneways, alleyways, and public spaces into an open-air gallery, showcasing the creativity and talent of local artists. From bold murals to thought-provoking installations, the street art scene in Perth is a testament to the city’s artistic soul and its commitment to embracing urban expression.

In this local’s guide, we’ll take you beyond the tourist hotspots and introduce you to the thriving suburbs that have become the canvas for these captivating works. From the trendy lanes of the city to the industrial outskirts of Fremantle, each area has its own unique collection of street art.

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Whether you’re a visitor or a local looking for something to do, this guide will help you navigate Perth’s street art scene like a pro. So grab your camera, put on your walking shoes, and embark on a journey to uncover the best street art that Perth has to offer.

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street mural of a girl with black hair and a red dress holding a red umbrella

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The Best Street Art in Perth

From colourful murals to stunning installations, Perth is an open-air gallery waiting to be explored. Here are some of the best street art spots in Perth:

  1. Northbridge: This trendy neighborhood is a hub for creativity, with its laneways and alleys adorned with vibrant murals. Check out the hidden gems on William Street and James Street.
  2. Fremantle: Known for its bohemian atmosphere, Fremantle boasts an eclectic mix of street art. Wander through the streets and discover captivating pieces, such as my favourite East West Design on South Terrace.
  3. Leederville: Explore the streets of Leederville, where you’ll find an array of eye-catching murals and stencils. Don’t miss Pink by Sarah McCloskey.
  4. Mount Lawley: This trendy suburb is home to a diverse range of street art, from large-scale murals to smaller hidden gems. Take a stroll along Beaufort Street and spot the captivating artworks.
  5. Perth CBD: The heart of the city is not to be missed when it comes to street art. Discover incredible murals and installations around Wolf Lane, Hay Street, and Grand Lane.

Perth Street Art Locations

Some of Perth’s most famous street art can be found in Wolf Lane, Fremantle, Subiaco, and Leederville.

Perth City Street Art

Perth’s Wolf Lane street art is recognised as some of the best in the city. However, there is much more all over Perth to discover.


Wolf Lane

Belgian street artist Roa painted this mural on the exterior of The Cheeky Sparrow in 2014. He often paints animals using spray or acrylic paint, including rodents like this one. Much of his work combines black, white, and grey colours.

perth street art of a large black rodent painted on a red brick wall
Mural by ROA in Wolf Lane Perth

Jackson Harvey

Wolf Lane

Jackson Harvey, a local mural artist, based in Fremantle, uses mainly aerosol in his projects. This lady can be found in the outdoor area of The Cheeky Sparrow.

mural of a lady with black hair and white eyes with sparrows in her hair
Art by Jackson Harvey in Wolf Lane


Wolf Lane

Steve Buckles, or Hurben as he’s known, painted this large wolf in 2012 when he was asked to produce an artwork that referenced fairy tales. It’s on the wall of Wolf Lane, a small bar known for great cocktails.

a large scary wolf painted on a wall
Hurben’s wolf in Wolf Lane

Amok Island

Wolf Lane

Amok Island painted Mahi Mahi in 2014 for FORM’s “PUBLIC Perth” project. The Netherlands’ artist, now based in Fremantle, has created murals worldwide. He is fascinated by nature, projected through his art, where he uses basic geometric designs.

large mural of a green and yellow fish

Kyle Hughes-Odgers & Benjamin Johnson

242 Murray Street Mall

This collaboration was painted in 2014 by Kyle Hughes-Odgers & Benjamin Johnson, aka “What_the_hello”. Kyle is an Australian artist who has painted large-scale murals in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Sheffield, Singapore, Madrid, Berlin, Cambodia, Iceland and Australia. His work has been exhibited in Perth, Melbourne, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Los Angeles and Vienna and is featured in collections worldwide.

street art of woman in orange clothes and hat


Grand Lane

Find this artwork on the wall of toastie masters Toastface Grillah, painted by Hosae.

wall with street art of a face and writing toastface grillah

Adnate Hotel

900 Hay Street

This boutique art-series hotel, named after Australian street artist Matt Adnate, features his 25-storey “mega mural” with three faces symbolising Perth’s diverse culture. At the base is a young Greek girl with an Indian girl in the centre and a Whadjuk Noongar man at the top (an acknowledgement of Australia’s Traditional Landowners).

vertical portraits down the side of a tall building
Mural on the Adnate Hotel Perth


317 Murray Street

This mural is another one painted for FORM’S “Public Perth” project in April 2014, this time by Argentinian artist Hyuro, known for painting eerie, drab women.

street art mural of people climbing a ladder
Mural by Hyuro

Sioux Tempestt

Sherwood Court

Sioux Tempestt creates abstract, mural, sculptural and digital art and is passionate about working with young people in the community. You’ll find several of her big murals around the Perth metro, including this one painted in 2016.

wall mural of a yellow duck with red wings
Sioux Tempestt

Timothy Rollin

Grand Lane

This is one of my favourite murals in Perth, painted by Timothy Rollin. The quirky red characters are part of a project improving the City of Perth’s laneways called “Forgotten Spaces”. Rollin specialises in illustration, street art, design, and murals.

You can see him in action in this video of Grand Lane.

street mural of a girl with black hair and a red dress holding a red umbrella
Timothy Rollin


Hibernian Place

Melburnian Rone, Tyrone Wright, is known for his captivating portraits of women’s faces. You will find his work in galleries as well as on the streets around the world.

large black and white mural portrait of a young lady
Rone – 2018

Bonsai & Twoone

Grand Lane

The 99m mural by artists Bonsai & Twoone was part of the 2010 “Forgotten Spaces” laneway upgrade.

Bonsai (Scottie Neoh) resides in Victoria and is talented in many forms of art, including mural painting, illustration, product design, interior design, and fashion design.

Twoone (Hiroyasu Tsuri) was born in Japan but now lives in Berlin, Germany. This contemporary artist is well known for his large-scale mural works worldwide.

large painting of a black and white owl with large yellow eyes
Bonsai & Twoone

Northbridge Street Art

Laurel Nannup & Stephen Genovese

Newcastle Street

Laurel created the Red Tail & White Tail Cockatoos mural in 2012 – the birds were chosen as they are endangered.

Laurel, a Noongar artist, grew up in the bush around Pinjarra, but at eight years old was taken to the Wandering Mission, where she stayed until she was sixteen (she is one of the stolen generation). She has told her story through her art in an exhibition called A Story to Tell.

Stephen is a multi-disciplinary artist who has exhibited in galleries, including Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

street art mural of a red tail black cockatoo sitting on a tree branch with green leaves and yellow flowers
Laurel Nannup & Stephen Genovese

Melski McVee

Errichetti Place

Succeed in Absence was created in 2017 when the City of Perth commissioned local artist Mel McVee to create a mural behind The Game Sports bar.

The mural represents social, architectural and environmental factors that have made Northbridge into what it is today.

colourful wall mural called succeed in absence with swans and a green road sweeper truck
Melski McVee


Lake Street

This mural was created by Steve Berrick and Steve Buckles, part of Ololo (an artistic production group run by Steve Berrick, Steven Buckles, and Alex McEwen).

large street art with blue background and a girls face looking at a black swan

Subiaco Street Art

Okudart (Okuda San Miguel)

Forest Square carpark

Okudart, a Spanish artist, painted this colourful artwork in 2018. The koala symbolises Australia, while the globe depicts its diverse culture and ethnicity.

large mural of a koala painted in bright colours using geometry

Melski McVee

147 Rokeby Road

Subiaco was Built on a Sunday can be found on the wall of the Cat Cafe. Melski incorporated Subiaco’s retail history from information from the Subiaco Museum into this piece of art.

Sunday was the only day the shops closed, allowing people to build their houses.

brightly coloured street art painted on the side of a cafes wall in a laneway
 Melski McVee 


Australia Post, Rokeby Road

Above the Post Office, the Boy on the Red Bike shows a black swan flying alongside a young postal worker on his bike.

Evoca1 was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to America when he was eleven, where he studied the techniques of the Old Masters.

large mural of a boy on a red bike and a black swan

Bee Tan

Rowland Street Carpark

The Parable of the Tree was commissioned by the Subiaco Church of Christ and painted by Bee Tan with help from volunteers.

Born in Singapore but now living in Perth, Bee trained and worked as a GP, then graduated with a Certificate in Western Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2000.

mural of a boab tree with a yellow and orange sky and orange earth
Bee Tan

Clare McFarlane

30 Rokeby Road

Remnants of a Sky’s Chorus shows Carnaby Black Cockatoos against the bright orange Australian desert.

Clare was born in Kojonup, Western Australia, but has lived in Perth for over thirty years. You can see her work all around the Perth region, and she has held solo exhibitions in Perth and Melbourne.

a long brick wall painted blue with an orange wave across it with black birds
Clare McFarlane

Daek William

Rokeby Road

” My Work transcends from a life of working on the street. Street art to me is about being focused and amerced  in one piece of work in a hectic world that is short lived, to walk away knowing that this piece I was dedicated to will be destroyed. Its a refreshing feeling of a care free environment that makes my work in the gallery all that more significant to my world.” Daek William 2013

street art on a wall of a woman wearing a helmet with a white cat
Daek William

Ox King

11 Olive Street

Ox King was born in the UK but now resides in Sydney. He spends his time creating street art and in his studio.

a blue coloured girl with pink hair mural
Ox King

James Giddy

Forest Square carpark

Local artist James Giddy created this stunning mural of two Red-tailed Black Cockatoos on the wall of Hesperia’s offices in Subiaco. The piece is called Karrak, the Noongar word for these birds.

James’ murals can be found in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, India, America, South Africa, and Indonesia.

street art of a black cockatoo with a red tail
James Giddy

Hayley Welsh

144 Rokeby Road

These cute creatures by artist Hayley Welsh are adorable. Called Become what you dream to be, Hayley created the mural in 2017 as part of the “Paint Subi’ project.

Born in the UK and with studios in Australia and the UK, Hayley spends her time between the two. She has created over 40 street art pieces in Australia, the UK, the US, and Europe.

a furry black creature mural
Hayley Welsh

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