trees reflectin onto the water on molly island western australia

Molloy Island Ferry

Molloy Island is 320 km south of Perth, near Augusta in Western Australia. If you are looking to be surrounded by nature and to enjoy some peace and quiet, then this is the perfect place for you.

It is only 300 acres in area and densely populated with trees, including Jarrah, Red Gum, Banksias, and Grass Trees. The island is at the junction of the Blackwood and Scott Rivers, in the Blackwood River Estuary. You can only reach Molloy Island by ferry.

How to get from Perth to Molloy Island

From Perth, it is an easy 3 1/2 hour drive to Molloy Island. Most of the route is along Bussell Highway before turning onto Sues Road just prior to Busselton.

The drive along here is stunning and takes you through Whicher National Park, Wiltshire Butler National Park, and Blackwood River National Park.

We stopped at Sue’s Bridge for a walk and a picnic. It was so picturesque that we vowed to return and maybe camp there.

trees lining the river at sues bridge western australia
Sue’s Bridge is a beautiful place to stop on the way to Molloy Island

Molloy Island Ferry – Price & Operating Hours

The Molloy Island ferry is run privately by the Molloy Island Homeowners’ Association. You can only use it if you own a home on Molloy or are invited by a homeowner.

For non-members, it is A$5 return per vehicle. The ferry is more like a barge and can only fit four cars on at one time.

You will need to time your crossings as the ferry only operates on the hour between 8 am and 5 pm. However, homeowners are allowed to operate it on the half-hour as well as every half hour between 5 pm and 8 am.

It was a different experience for us and we were lucky that we didn’t have to wait long for the ferry to arrive.

ferry crossing over to molloy island
Molloy Island ferry

Molloy Island Population & Island Living

According to the 2016 Census Summary, 113 people were living permanently on Molloy Island. It consists of 286 freehold blocks but no boundary fences which allow the resident kangaroos to roam freely. A lot of the homes are used as holiday homes and the island is a lot busier during school holidays and long weekends.

There aren’t any shops on the island so you need to ensure you have everything before you go across. The nearest shops are in Augusta, about a 20-minute drive.

The houses have underground power and telephone, but no main water or deep sewerage. Properties have rainwater tanks and septic tanks.

Cats are not allowed on Molloy Island due to the environment but dogs are allowed if they are kept on a lead at all times. However, please note that ONLY homeowners are allowed to bring dogs onto the island. So, if you are holidaying on the island, please leave your pooch at home.

Things To Do on and Around Molloy Island

Molloy Island is all about relaxation. However, there is still plenty to do nearby if you want to explore what the area has to offer. If you want to be active, the island has tennis and basketball courts. There is also a playground for the children.


There are several tracks around that allow you to explore the native bush and nature on the island. We enjoyed our morning walks, listening to the birds sing.

tall trees and walking trail on molloy island wa
One of the walking trails around Molloy Island

Kayaking or Boating

Bring your boat or kayak with you and enjoy some time on the river. You can kayak around the island or take your boat through Hardy Inlet to Augusta.

kayaks on molloy island
Kayaking is a popular thing to do on Molloy Island

Watching the wildlife

Every morning and evening we had visitors at the back of our property. As there aren’t any fences, the kangaroos have a free run of the island. We left out some carrot for them and seed for the birds. Just remember they are wild animals and should not be approached.

kangaroos kookaburra and parrot in the garden on molloy island


Fishing is a popular pastime on Molloy Island. You will see people fishing along the Blackwood River and in Augusta. Visit the local bait shop in Augusta to find out the best places to fish.


Augusta is a cute seaside town, about a 20-minute drive from Molloy Island. Here you can do as little or much as you like. You can go for a gentle stroll along the front, fish, or visit Jewel Cave and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. If you’re here in whale season (June to October), I recommend taking a whale watching cruise.

You might see Stingrays and Pelicans that come right into shore for the fish scraps.

For more ideas, read this guide on things to do in Augusta.

a calm ocean at grannys pool augusta
Granny’s Pool Augusta

Hamelin Bay

Take a drive to Hamelin Bay. Not only is Hamelin Bay a dazzling beach but stingrays often come close to shore. On a calm day, they are very easy to spot. Hamelin Bay is only a 15-minute drive from Molloy Island. This article on What to do in Hamelin Bay will give you some ideas for your day.

a close up of stingray in the shallows at hamelin bay
Stingray in the shallows at Hamelin Bay

Margaret River

Visit the Margaret River region and do some wine tastings. Our article on the best things to do in Margaret River provides more information on wineries, breweries, and other activities.

interior of wills domain winery with table and chairs looking out onto the vineyards
Wills Domain Winery

Accommodation Molloy Island

Unfortunately as of October 2022, there are not any private rentals on Molloy Island. However, there are private properties to let close by.

See what’s available on Stayz (part of VRBO) here.

Molloy Island Caravan Park

Molloy Hideaway Holiday Park (previously Molloy Island Caravan Park) is not actually on Molloy Island. It is still in a beautiful location but you won’t be able to access the island as it is for residents or their guests only.

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