Mammoth Cave Review & Photos 2024

I recently visited Mammoth Cave on our stay in Margaret River. As a local, I’m lucky to visit the area numerous times a year and explore the attractions. The Margaret River caves are one of my favourite tourist attractions.

Mammoth Cave, in the Margaret River region, is an impressive limestone cave with a fascinating geological history.

cave formations inside mammoth cave margaret river

Mammoth Cave Overview

⭐️ 4.5

  • A$24 per adult
  • 60 minutes +
  • 9 am to 4 pm (closed Christmas Day)
  • Medium – About 370 steps throughout the cave and a climb of 170 steps to exit.
  • Photography allowed – no tripods or selfie sticks

Where is Mammoth Cave?

Mammoth Cave is in the Southwest region of Western Australia. It is in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, approximately 290 kilometres (180 miles) south of Perth.

The address of Mammoth Cave is:
Caves Road, Forest Grove WA 6286, Australia

cave formations inside mammoth cave margaret river

Mammoth Cave Geology

The Margaret River region sits on the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, composed mainly of limestone – a sedimentary rock primarily made up of the remains of marine organisms such as coral and shells that accumulated on the seabed over vast periods. These accumulated remains underwent compaction and cementation, turning them into solid limestone rock.

The area has a karst landscape, which is characterised by the dissolution of soluble rocks like limestone, forming various underground landforms such as caves, sinkholes, and underground rivers.

Rainwater is naturally slightly acidic due to the presence of carbon dioxide. As it percolates through the soil and into the limestone, it starts to dissolve the calcium carbonate present in the rock.

Over thousands of years, the mildly acidic rainwater slowly dissolves the limestone, creating tiny cracks and fissures in the rock.

As time passes, these cracks enlarge and eventually develop into larger passages and caverns, such as Mammoth Cave. The cave formation process is ongoing, with the cave still evolving and changing, albeit at a slow pace.

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Mammoth Cave Features

close up of the cave formations in mammoth cave western australia

Stalactites and Stalagmites

The dissolution of limestone not only creates caverns but also stunning formations inside the cave.

Water droplets seep into the cave from the surface, carrying dissolved calcium carbonate. As the water drips from the cave ceiling, it leaves tiny calcium carbonate deposits behind.

Over time, these mineral deposits build up and form stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling. Similarly, as water drips to the cave floor and evaporates, it leaves behind mineral deposits, resulting in stalagmites that grow up from the cave floor.

mammoth cave perrenial stream inside the cave

Perennial Stream

Water continues to play a vital role in shaping Mammoth Cave. A stream flows through the cave during winter and spring, further eroding the limestone.

mammoth cave fossils displayed inside the cave


At Mammoth Cave in Margaret River, fascinating fossils provide a glimpse into the region’s ancient past. The cave’s name might evoke images of prehistoric giants, but it is not named after mammoths; instead, it was dubbed Mammoth Cave due to its size.

However, the cave has yielded significant paleontological discoveries. Over the years, scientists have uncovered the remains of ancient animals, including marsupials and extinct megafauna that roamed the landscape thousands of years ago.

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inside mammoth cave margaret river wa with stalactities and stalamites

Pros & Cons of Visiting Mammoth Cave


  1. Natural Beauty: Mammoth Cave offers stunning natural beauty with its impressive limestone formations, stalactites, and stalagmites. The cave’s chambers and unique features create a surreal and awe-inspiring underground world.
  2. Educational Experience: The audio self-guided tours provide an educational and informative experience, offering insights into the cave’s geological history, cultural significance, and the diverse ecosystem within and around the cave.
  3. Accessibility: The cave’s first chamber is accessible by wheelchair – the only accessible cave in the region.
  4. Time: As the tour is self-guided, you can explore the cave at your own pace.

⛔️ Cons

  1. Physical Limitations: The cave’s terrain might be challenging for visitors with physical limitations, as it involves a lot of stairs and uneven surfaces.
  2. Guides: Some visitors prefer a guided tour.

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My Experience with Mammoth Cave

mammoth cave boardwalk to cave surrounded by forest

In the Visitor Centre, I was provided with an audio guide with information on how to use them. Then I was on my own to explore Mammoth Cave!

This cave is an excellent attraction if you have young children who often become bored on guided tours. As this is self-guided it allows families to explore the cave at their own pace. Please note, though, that strollers are not allowed in any part of the cave, including the first accessible chamber.

Leaving the building, I followed a wooden boardwalk to the cave entrance, which continues into the first chamber, making it fully accessible for wheelchairs.

You can see the stream (in winter and spring) from the walkway and the incredible limestone formations. The dim lighting added an ethereal glow to the majestic stalactites hanging from the ceiling like icicles and the stalagmites rising from the floor, seemingly reaching out to touch the ceiling above.

mammoth cave geological formations

The audio guide’s explanations brought life to the formations, describing how the slow and steady dissolution process had sculpted these intricate shapes over millions of years. It was amazing to see the delicate shawls and the awe-inspiring columns, each with its own unique story of creation.

As I climbed the stairs and moved through the chambers, hearing about the ancient Australian Megafauna fossils, including the 50,000 year old ‘’zygomaturus’ jawbone, was interesting.

Eventually, the boardwalk lead to the base of a large doline where I exited amongst the forest. It was amazing to see towering trees growing on top of the cave.

forest growing above the doline of mammoth cave
Forest above the doline of the cave

From there, I followed the Marri Walk Trail and was astounded to see how well the forest was recovering after the recent massive bushfire. New plants were regenerating; I even saw many orchids on the trail.

This experience was educational and family-friendly, perfect for children and adults. I left Mammoth Cave with a sense of awe and gratitude for having had the opportunity to witness such natural splendour.

pink orchid in the marri forest walk mammoth cave
One of the many orchids we saw on the Marri Walk Trail

Who is Mammoth Cave for?

  • Nature Enthusiasts
  • Families and Children
  • Photography Enthusiasts
  • Tourists
ceiling of mammoth cave with straws hanging down

Mammoth Cave Facilities

  • Visitor Centre
  • Gift Shop (including snacks & drinks)
  • Restrooms
  • Parking
a sign of the mammoth cave walk trail map

Mammoth Cave Tour Price

In February 2024, the price of entry to Mammoth Cave was:

Adult: A$24.00
Child (4-16yrs): A$12.00
Seniors: A$22.00

Please note: An adult must accompany children under 17.

Mammoth Cave Opening Hours

Mammoth Cave is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm, except Christmas Day.

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Mammoth Cave Alternatives

inside lake cave in margaret river with lights reflecting off the water

Lake Cave

Lake Cave is another stunning limestone cave in the Margaret River area, known for its suspended table and serene lake within the cave. The cave features breathtaking crystal formations and impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Guided tours offer a captivating journey into the underground world and its geological wonders.

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visitors walking down the stairs into ngilgi cave

Ngilgi Cave (Yallingup Cave)

Ngilgi Cave, formerly known as Yallingup Cave, is a fascinating cave with a rich Aboriginal Dreamtime legend attached to its name. Semi-Guided tours provide insights into its geology and cultural significance, making it an excellent alternative for those interested in the Indigenous history of the region.

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flowstone in cave resembling organ pipes

Jewel Cave

Located in the same Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park as Mammoth Cave, Jewel Cave is one of the largest show caves in Western Australia. It boasts impressive chambers adorned with delicate helictites and cave coral, creating a spectacular visual experience. Guided tours offer a glimpse into the cave’s geological history and unique formations.

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Each of these alternatives provides a different perspective on the region’s underground wonders, showcasing the diverse and captivating cave systems that Margaret River has to offer. Choose the cave that aligns best with their interests and preferences to enjoy a memorable and enriching experience.


Are reservations required for the guided tours at Mammoth Cave?

Reservations are not always required, but they are highly recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons or holidays. Making a booking secures a spot at your preferred time and reduces the risk of disappointment if the tours are fully booked.

Are the self-guided tours at Mammoth Cave suitable for children and families?

Yes, the self-guided tours at Mammoth Cave are suitable for children and families. Families with children of all ages can enjoy exploring the cave and learning about its geological wonders and cultural significance.

What should I wear and bring for the guided tour at Mammoth Cave?

It’s recommended to wear comfortable, closed-in shoes suitable for walking on uneven surfaces. Bring a light jacket or extra layer, as the cave’s interior can be cooler than the outside temperature. Remember your camera, water bottle, and any required medications.

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Final Thoughts: Is Mammoth Cave Worth It?

While Mammoth Cave offers a range of attractions for a diverse audience, it’s important to consider physical limitations and the cave’s self-guided tour system when planning a visit. The cave’s accessibility and the ability to navigate uneven surfaces should be considered for individuals with mobility challenges.

I would love to hear from you once you’ve visited one of the Margaret River caves – share your thoughts and photos in our Facebook Group.

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