Kevill Road Waterfall Margaret River: Locals Guide & Photos 2024

Want to find a secret waterfall in Margaret River? We discovered Yalgardup Falls (Kevill Road Waterfall) on our last trip, and I thought I’d share it with you.

📍 Location: Kevill Road East, Margaret River
☀️ Best Time to Visit: Winter & Early Spring
💵 Cost: Free
🐶 Dogs: Allowed
Open: 24 hours
🚗 Parking: Yes
🚻 Facilities: None
🛣️ Unsealed Roads: No

Kevill Road Waterfall isn’t a huge waterfall, more of a cascade, but it’s worth the detour off the main road, especially after heavy rainfall.

This wide waterfall is fed by Margaret River and flows over rocks to a pool at the bottom.

How to find Kevill Road Waterfall

kangaroos in a green paddock near kelvill road waterfall
Look for kangaroos in the open fields (and road) on Kevill Road

From Bussell Highway in Margaret River town, take Walcliffe Road then turn right onto Kevill Road. As you drive along, look for kangaroos lazing in the grass. There are loads of them. Drive slow as one was in the middle of the road and wasn’t in a rush to move!

Opposite Waterfall Cottages, there’s a gravel bay where you can park – look for the green water tank on the right.

green water tank on the gravel parking area at kevill road waterfall
Look for this green water tank on the right where you can park

From the parking area, a dirt track leads down to the river and the waterfall. It’s an easy short walk but the ground is uneven so take care.

dirt track leading to Yalgardup Falls (Kevill Road Waterfall)
Dirt track leading to Yalgardup Falls (Kevill Road Waterfall)

Best Time to Visit Kevill Road Waterfall

The best time to visit Kevill Road Waterfall is during winter or early spring. This is when the region receives heavy rainfall, causing the waterfall to cascade.

If you visit at other times of the year, you should be able to jump across the river as the flow is reduced to a small stream.

Yalgardup Falls (Kevill Road Waterfall) margaret river
Yalgardup Falls (Kevill Road Waterfall)

Parking & Facilities

Kevill Road Waterfall has a designated parking area close by, allowing you to safely leave your vehicle. Park responsibly and follow any posted parking regulations to ensure the safety and convenience of all visitors.

There are no facilities (including toilets) near the waterfall, but Margaret River town is a five-minute drive.

road and forest on Kevill road margaret river
Kevill Road by the waterfall

Kevill Road Waterfall Tips

  • Drive slowly as there may be kangaroos on the side of Kevill Rd and on the road – they are more active around dawn and dusk
  • Wear closed-in shoes – rocks may be slippery and there is the possibility of snakes in the area
  • Look for wildflowers in spring
purple hovea wildflowers wa
Hovea wildflowers along the path to Kevill Waterfall

Helpful Guides

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