Visiting Gnomesville WA: Locals Best Guide

Welcome to the enchanting world of Gnomesville, nestled in the picturesque Ferguson Valley, Western Australia. 

This unique village, tucked away amidst rolling green hills, holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors. What started as a playful gesture by a single gnome enthusiast has blossomed into an enchanting phenomenon, captivating the imaginations of all who visit. Prepare to be greeted by an amazing sight of thousands of different types of gnomes – some of who have withstood the floods in 2018!

These pint-sized figurines come in all shapes, sizes, and occupations, each one with its own distinct personality. From cheerful gardeners tending to imaginary plants to mischievous pranksters conspiring behind tiny picket fences, the gnomes’ world is a fascinating testament to the boundless creativity of the visitors who have contributed to this ever-growing community.

Beyond this quirky attraction, the Ferguson Valley region offers a treasure trove of activities to indulge in. Sip on award-winning wines at boutique wineries, savour delicious local produce, or hike through scenic bushland. 

Gnomesville Summary

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars
🌸 Best Time to Visit: Year-round
💵 Entry Fee: Free
⛔️ No toilets
⏰ 24 hours
🥾 Easy

🗺️ Where is Gnomesville?

Gnomesville is in the Ferguson Valley, in the South West region of Western Australia. It is situated near the town of Dardanup, approximately 200 km (124 miles) south of Perth, on the Eastern Junction Roundabout of Wellington Mill Road and Ferguson Road in Wellington Mill.

The address is LOT 4059 Wellington Mill Rd, Wellington Mill, Western Australia 6236.

It’s an easy half-hour drive from Collie and Bunbury.

Bunbury to Gnomesvile is 34 km (about a half-hour drive).

thousands of gnomes amongst trees and woodland
Good Gnomes & Naughty Gnomes

How did Gnomesville Start?

The story of Gnomesville’s origin is as whimsical as the village itself. It supposedly all began with a random gnome. Legend has it that a local resident (rumoured to be Kathleen Rees), back in the early 1990s, placed a lone gnome beneath a tree near the roundabout in Wellington Mill. This act of playful imagination set the stage for something extraordinary to unfold.

As time passed, more and more gnomes appeared around that initial gnome. Local residents and passersby were captivated by the charm of the little figurine, and they started contributing their own gnomes to the growing community. People began leaving gnomes with personalised messages, stories, and well-wishes, creating a unique display.

The gnome population grew as word spread about this enchanting wonder. Visitors from all over started adding gnomes, each one with its own personality and character. Gnomes of various sizes, colours, and designs found their places beneath the trees and along the paths of Gnomesville.

What started as a single gnome has now transformed into a thriving community of gnomes. Gnomesville has become a massive tourist attraction, a place of creativity and community participation.

one lone gnome in gnomesville wa

How Many Gnomes are there in Gnomesville?

The population of gnomes is constantly changing as visitors from around the world contribute their own gnomes to the gnome community. 
However, it is thought that there are over 8,000 gnomes in Gnomesville.

The Best Time to Visit Gnomesville WA

Gnomesville is an outdoor attraction that can be visited anytime during the year. However, remember that the region’s weather can vary, so dress appropriately and be prepared for changing conditions.

My favourite time of year to visit the area is in spring when the fields are green after the winter rains and wildflowers are blooming.

How Much is Entry to Gnomesville?

Gnomesville is free to enter, with free parking.

What are the Opening Times?

There are no gates so Gnomesville is open 24 hours daily.

What to do when Visiting Gnomesville

Take your time to wander through the village with thousands of gnomes standing proudly in their quirky and imaginative displays. Explore the gnome characters, from cheeky pranksters to serene gardeners, and let your imagination run wild as you weave through the enchanting gnome world.

Bring your own gnome to join the village – it’s a chance to become a part of the living artwork and leave your mark on this captivating place.

hands showing our gnome with names written on the back
Our classic garden gnome!

⏰ How Long Should you Spend at Gnomesville?

The amount of time you spend at Gnomesville is entirely up to you and any time restraints. The village can be explored relatively quickly; some visitors spend as little as 15 minutes taking photos and leaving their own gnome contributions.

However, if you want to embrace the enchantment fully, you can take your time to read the messages, observe the intricate details of the gnome displays, and enjoy the magical ambience of the village. Some creations are funny, and some are sad, but it’s interesting to find out where people have visited from.

hundreds of gnomes together in a forest at gnomesville wa

Become a Part of the Gnome Village

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own gnomes to contribute to the Gnomesville community. The gnomes are not owned by any individual or organisation but are communal artwork that is constantly growing and evolving. Therefore, anyone is welcome to add their own gnome or other gnome-themed creation to the village.

When bringing your own gnome, it’s important to remember that it must be weather-resistant and able to withstand the elements, as the village is situated in an outdoor environment. Plus, it’s important to respect the surrounding nature and not disturb any of the flora or fauna in the area.

Most people personalise their gnomes with messages or stories, adding a unique touch to their contributions. Some even make entire gnome scenes with miniature accessories and props, creating an imaginative and whimsical display that adds to the village’s charm.

Tours Visiting Gnomesville


Kaleidoscope Tours receive a 5-star rating for this Ferguson Valley full day tour, which includes a visit to Gnomesville.

Tips & Information for your Visit

  • There are a couple of picnic tables available if you want to have something to eat
  • Toilets have now been built near the car park
  • Stay on the paths to avoid disturbing plants, animals, or any gnome displays that have been placed by others
  • Take all rubbish with you
  • Bring a camera/phone
  • Do NOT remove any gnomes
picnic tables at gnomesville with hundreds of gnomes in front
Gnomesville is a gnome lovers paradise!

Beyond Gnomesville: Exploring the Ferguson Valley

Beyond the gnome-filled forest, Ferguson Valley beckons with its natural beauty and outdoor activities. For wine enthusiasts, the valley is home to boutique wineries offering award-winning wine tastings. If you’re seeking adventure, the area offers bushwalking and mountain biking.

Other towns nearby to visit include Bunbury, Collie, and Donnybrook.

green hills and dam
Ferguson Valley

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Gnomesville FAQs

Can I purchase gnomes or gnome-related souvenirs in Gnomesville?

Gnomes can be purchased at the Ferguson Valley Visitor Centre or from Bunnings.

Can I take photographs with the gnomes in Gnomesville?

Gnomesville provides countless opportunities for memorable photographs, but be mindful of others and avoid obstructing paths.

Is Gnomesville Wheelchair Accessible?

Parts of Gnomesville are wheelchair accessible when it’s dry. However, after rain, it becomes muddy and hard to navigate through. There are also obstacles like tree roots to deal with.

Can I bring my children to Gnomesville?

Gnomesville is a child-friendly attraction, and children enjoy seeing all the gnomes.

Are dogs allowed at Gnomesville?

You can bring your dog to Gnomesville, but they must be kept on a lead.

How far is Gnomesville from Bunbury?

Gnomesville is 34 km from Bunbury, about a 33-minute drive.

How far is it from Busselton to Gnomesville?

Busselton to Gnomesville is 70 km and will take about an hour by car.

How long is the drive from Collie to Gnomesville?

It takes about 30 minutes to reach Gnomesville from Collie.