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Geraldton to Kalbarri Route: Locals Guide to the Best Places 2024

If you’re planning a road trip from Geraldton to Kalbarri, you’ve come to the right place. As a local who has driven along the Coral Coast multiple times, I can confidently guide you to the best attractions along this route.

I’ve enjoyed this road trip as a couple and as a family. So, whether you’re seeking out epic hiking trails, wildlife encounters, or snorkelling spots, I’ve got you. From the best places to stop for a refreshing swim to the hiking trails that showcase the true essence of Western Australia, let’s curate an itinerary that suits your style of exploration.

Distance from Geraldton to Kalbarri

Geraldton to Kalbarri is 156 km (97 miles).

Geraldton to Kalbarri Drive Time

The drive time from Geraldton to Kalbarri is under two hours.

Geraldton to Kalbarri Map

Day 1 Geraldton to Kalbarri: Northampton, Horrocks Beach & Pink Lake Lookout

Geraldton to Northampton

🛣️ Distance: Approx 50 km (31 miles)

🚘 Driving Time: Approx 40 minutes

old heritage building in northampton wa
Convent of the Sacred Heart, Northampton

Start your road trip from Geraldton and hit the road towards your first stop, Northampton. This country town is just a short drive away and offers a taste of the region’s heritage with its beautifully preserved buildings – it was registered as a Historic Town of Importance in 1993.

Stroll through the town, visit the local museum, and indulge in some delicious country-style food.

Northampton to Horrocks Beach

🛣️ Distance: Approx 23 km (14 miles)

🚘 Driving Time: Approx 20 minutes

As you continue your journey, make your way to Horrocks, a small fishing village on the coast. This small beach is great for four-wheel driving and fishing.

Horrocks Beach to Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon)

🛣️ Distance: Approx 35 km (22 miles)

🚘 Driving Time: Approx 25 minutes

hutt lagoon a pink lake dried up with pink salt crystals seen between Geraldton to kalbarri
Pink Lake in April

Hutt Lagoon, also known as Pink Lake, is near the town of Gregory. It is renowned for its vibrant pink hue, which is caused by the presence of a certain type of algae called Dunaliella salina.

The pink colour of the lagoon varies in intensity depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and the season. The best time to witness the vibrant pink colour is during midday when the sun is higher in the sky. The striking contrast between the pink lake and blue sky creates a picturesque landscape that attracts visitors from all over the world.

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Pink Lake to Kalbarri

🛣️ Distance: Approx 67 km (42 miles)

🚘 Driving Time: Approx 45 minutes

sunset over the river in kalbarri
Sunset Cruise, Kalbarri

 Your final destination, Kalbarri, is known for its rugged cliffs, stunning gorges, and breathtaking landscapes.

Check into your Kalbarri accommodation.

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Day 2 Geraldton to Kalbarri Itinerary: Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park Gorges

views of the gorge from up high on the kalbarri loop trail

Spend the day exploring the wonders of Kalbarri National Park. One of the main attractions in this park is the Murchison River Gorge. Carved by the river over millions of years, the gorge has towering red cliffs that stretch up to 100 meters high.

Visitors can enjoy scenic views of the gorge from various lookout points, including the popular Nature’s Window, which frames the river perfectly, and Kalbarri Skywalk.

Hike along the stunning trails that wind through the park, such as the Z-Bend, Natures Window and Loop Trail. Marvel at the dramatic landscapes, vibrant wildflowers (in season), and unique rock formations. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try abseiling or canoeing.

Read more about the hikes in this guide on things to do in Kalbarri.

Day 3 Geraldton to Kalbarri Itinerary: Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park Coastal

view of a island rock a stand alone limestone pillar off the coast

Go on a coastal adventure today, starting with a visit to the stunning Red Bluff Lookout. Enjoy panoramic views of the rugged coastline and watch as the waves crash against the imposing cliffs. Continue to the Bigurda Boardwalk which connects Natural Bridge to Island Rock.

If you’re up for a hike, the 8km Class 3 Bigurda Trail starts at Eagle Gorge and ends at the Natural Bridge. Allow 3 to 5 hours for this trail. The best time to hike the coastal trail is during the cooler months, from April to September when temperatures are more comfortable. However, check the weather conditions before starting out, as strong winds and rough seas can make certain sections of the trail challenging.

Look for dolphins and whales, as they are often seen along this coastline.

During summer, Blue Holes is excellent for swimming and snorkelling.

Day 4 Geraldton to Kalbarri Itinerary: Other Kalbarri Attractions

sunset over the river in kalbarri

If you want to stay longer, there are plenty of other Kalbarri attractions to see and activities like pelican feeding and sunset cruises.

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Final Thoughts: Visiting Kalbarri from Geraldton

As you can see, a road trip from Geraldton to Kalbarri is filled with natural wonders, vibrant landscapes, and unforgettable experiences. From the stunning pink hues of Hutt Lagoon to the breathtaking cliffs and secluded beaches of Kalbarri National Park, this region offers a true escape into the beauty of Western Australia.

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