Caversham Wildlife Park is one of the most popular attractions in Perth. Does it deserve to be? Read on and find out what we think of this wildlife park in Western Australia.

How far is Caversham Wildlife Park from Perth?

It will take you half an hour by car to travel the 15km from the centre of Perth to Whiteman Park, where it is located. The address is 233 Drumpellier Drive (formerly Lord Street) in the Swan Valley.

Car Parking is free inside Whiteman Park and the closest car park is number 8.

If travelling by public transport, catch the 955 bus from Morley Station or Bassendean Station to Ellenbrook (get off at the Whiteman Park entrance, on Drumpellier Drive). It’s a 15-minute walk from there.

You can use the Transperth Journey Planner to plan your travel.

koala bear

How much does it cost?

The admission prices are $30 per adult and $14 per child (3 years to 14 years). The cost includes food to feed the animals, photo opportunities and shows.

The wildlife park is run by a Western Australian family and doesn’t receive any funding from the government. So, by visiting this attraction, you are helping keep the animals well looked after.

You can’t normally buy cheap tickets or get discounts so be wary of anyone selling them lower priced.

black and white owl with Australian flag in the background sitting on a tree trunk

Opening Hours

The opening hours are 9.00 am to 5.30 pm every day of the year except Christmas Day.

I would allow at least 3 hours here though and plan your day accordingly.

Animal Shows/ Encounters Information and Times

There are 6 animal encounters at Caversham.

Meet The Wombat and Friends

This is open at set times (9.30am, 11.00am, 2.00pm and 3.45pm). I would advise going to this first as it gets busier as the day goes on. We queued to have our photo taken with the wombat first and then went round to look at the other animals in this exhibit. You might even want to hold a snake.

Note that you are no longer able to hold the wombat so your photo will be with the keeper. There is no charge for the photos taken with your camera.

a family with the keeper at caversham wildlife park holding a wombat

Meet the Koalas

You can meet the koalas and have your photo taken with them (again at no charge) at these set times:

9.00am to 9.30am, 11.30am to 12.00pm, 2.30pm to 3.00pm, 4.00pm to 4.30pm

Please note that you cannot hold the koala yourself but are able to pat them and feel how soft their fur is.

a loadt holding a koala bear in her arms with two girls standing either side of her at caversham wildlife park

Farm Show

This farm show is worth going to and fascinating to learn about life on an Australian farm. You will see sheep shearing, learn how to crack a whip, swing a billy, milk a cow and watch sheepdogs muster the sheep. The dogs were the stars of the show, in my opinion.

a man shearing a sheep with a lady holding a broom

Penguin Feeding

The penguins are fed at 12 pm and 4 pm. Be quick as it doesn’t take them long to eat their food and you will learn about these cute birds at the same time.

black and white penguin

Molly’s Farm

All the kids (big and little) love this part of the park. There are different enclosures with various animals; some you can enter and interact with them. The goats and lambs were just adorable and would happily sit there while you stroked them.

brown and white goat with horns sitting on a large tree trunk

Feed the Kangaroos

This is my favourite part. The girls and I adore kangaroos and these are so relaxed and enjoy a pat. There are buckets of kangaroo food provided that you can help yourself to but be warned, they are fed so much that many of them aren’t hungry! You can still give them a stroke though and it’s a wonderful experience.

kangaroo lying down on the dirt

There are plenty of other animals around the park too. Listen out for the kookaburra laugh and look for the cute echidnas. Also, see if you can spot the wombats (who always seem to be asleep when I’m visiting). This is the largest private collection of native wildlife in Western Australia.


Park maps are given to you upon entry as well as times for the shows. Use these to plan your time here.

Caversham wildlife park map
Caversham Wildlife Park Map


The Kiosk sells hot and cold drinks, ice creams, snacks, and some light meals. You are able to leave the park and re-enter providing you get your hand stamped before leaving. We usually take a picnic which we leave in the car until ready to eat.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop sells a large range of Australian souvenirs including jewelry, soft toys, local honey, and books.

Caversham Wildlife Park vs Perth Zoo

I prefer Caversham over Perth Zoo. Mainly because this park focuses on native animals whereas the animals in Perth Zoo can mainly be found in most zoos. This wildlife park is especially good for families with young children as they can interact with a lot of animals and don’t get as bored. The enclosures are large here and the animals seem very happy, content and well looked after. The keepers are very friendly and passionate about their job.

The downside is the location for tourists or people without a car. The zoo is centrally located in Perth but Caversham Wildlife Park is hard to get to by public transport (although not impossible).

If you’re not too tired when you leave the wildlife park, explore more of Whiteman Park. Take bathers for the kids as there’s a splash pool and a playground which they will love.

As with any outdoor attraction, remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, and water.

If you are looking for other animal encounters, why don’t you consider a stay at a farm like Ferguson Valley Farmstay or Diamond Forest Farmstay?

goat on a log at caversham wildlife park


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  1. The best part about Perth is everything within reach, from beaches to zoo. I would definitely visit this zoo because I love animals & the majority of them I haven’t seen before.

    1. Thank you Jane, there is a lot to see and do here.

  2. To be really honest Becky, I don’t know. I’m sure a lot of them are rescues. They have chosen to affiliate with Zoo & Aquarium Association (ZAA) and have been successfully assessed under the rigorous ZAA Accreditation Program for positive animal welfare.

  3. This park sounds like it has an interesting mix of animals! Curious how the wild animals end up at the park? Are they rescued or orphaned animals?

  4. That’s fabulous! I would love to see a koala and a kangaroo, and I loved the idea of ​​staying on a farm too. I think it’s close enough to do it on public transport.

    1. I think it’s the best place to see them both in Perth. You definitely can go by public transport but it is easier by car.

  5. It’s always a bonus when you can get closer and pet the animals. We have a park like that near us too. And that wombat is just adorable! 😍

    1. I’m not a big fan of animals in captivity but ok if they are well looked after. You will have to take us to your one if we ever visit 🙂

  6. They are so cute and it’s a great place to see them up close.

  7. How awesome to be able to get so close to the animals. Sounds amazing! Would love to meet a cuddly koala.

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