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New South Wales (NSW) is one of the six states of Australia. It lies on the east coast and borders Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia.

Sydney Cove was the site of the first European settlement in Australia in 1788.

The most populous city is Sydney, the state’s capital. As of December 2019, the population of NSW was over 8 million, making it the most populous state.

Weather and Best Time to Visit New South Wales

Sydney has mild cool winters and hot summers. Rain and sunshine is evenly spread throughout the year.

January is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 19–26°C and up to 30°C. The coldest month is July, with an average range of 8–17°C.

September is the driest month whilst June is the wettest.

It’s a great year round destination but if I had to pick a time to visit, it would be spring (Sep-Nov).

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Brief History of New South Wales

The original inhabitants of Sydney spoke the Eora language. They lived mainly in coastal areas where fish were plentiful.

Mungo Man remains were found in Lake Mungo, dating back about 42,000 years ago. They are the earliest human remains found so far in Australia.

New South Wales was named by Captain James Cook in 1770 and on 26 January 1788, the First Fleet arrived. These ships arrived into Port Jackson carrying convicts from England.

The first free settlers arrived in 1793. Over time, more arrived, and convicts were freed.

Victoria separated from New South Wales in 1851 followed by Queensland in 1859.

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Bucket List for New South Wales

There is more to New South Wales than Sydney, although it’s still an amazing city to visit.

Combine it with beautiful beaches, stunning National Parks, and amazing food and wine.

New South Wales Tours

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The Best Things to do in Sydney

Having lived in Australia for over 20 years, we have visited Sydney numerous times. We’ve discovered plenty of interesting things to do in Sydney and put them all in a handy guide.

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