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Asia is huge and takes up 1/3 of the world’s landmass, making it the most populated continent. It has a diverse landscape, different cultures and religions, amazing festivals, and the most delicious food.

Each country is unique and we can’t wait to travel to more of them and explore what they have to offer.

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pagoda in a temple


Malaysia is well known for its delicious street food and beautiful beaches.

night view of a bridge lit up in a city


Singapore has so much to do that you will never be bored.

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hotel and pool on island with pink sunset sky
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Top 10 Superb Things To Do in Sentosa Island

Having visited Singapore numerous times with kids, we have spent a lot of time in Sentosa Island. It is where most families head and is famous for its beautiful beaches, children-friendly attractions, adventure activities, and bars. Sentosa is easy to get around with the Sentosa Express, Sentosa Bus, and Beach Shuttle. This is our list … Read more

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