The Best Albany to Esperance Road Trip Via Bremer Bay 2024: Locals Guide

Have you been searching for the best Albany to Esperance road trip itinerary? We’ve made the road trip from Albany to Esperance a few times, with different stops along the way. Let us share with you our experiences from the historic port town of Albany to the pristine beaches of Esperance and the towns that lie between 🚗✨

Albany to Esperance Road Trip: Albany

a beautiful white sand beach with calm turquoise water
Frenchman Bay, Albany

Exploring Albany

Spend a few days in Albany before leaving for Esperance. Consider exploring Torndirrup National Park to see the Natural Bridge, the Gap, and stunning beaches, like the award-winning Misery Beach.

Other attractions in that area are the Historic Whaling Station and the Albany Wind Farm.

Allow time to visit the National ANZAC Centre, Albany Heritage Park, Emu Point, and Middleton Beach.

See this guide for more things to do in Albany.

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Albany to Esperance Road Trip: Cheynes Beach & Bremer Bay

we stopped at cheynes beach from albany to esperance road trip but it had lots of seaweed
Cheynes Beach

Cheynes Beach

🛣️ Distance to Cheynes Beach: Approximately 68 km (42 miles)

🚘 Driving Time to Cheynes Beach: Approximately 1 hour (excluding stops)

Head out of Albany on the South Coast Highway through Kalgan. Follow signs to Waychinicup National Park, where you’ll find Cheynes Beach.

Cheynes Beach is an unspoiled destination on the Southern Coast. The protective cove offers a range of activities, including fishing, boating, water sports, swimming, 4wding and bushwalking.

There is an option to stay in the Cheynes Beach Caravan Park if you want to take the road trip slowly.

We stopped here on our way to Bremer Bay, but it was windy, and the beach was full of seaweed. However, friends enjoyed their stay.

view from high up of a white sand cove with people enjoying the beach and swimming in the blue ocean
Native Dog Beach, Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay

🛣️ Distance from Cheynes Beach to Bremer Bay: Approximately 150 km (93 miles)

🚘 Driving Time from Cheynes Beach to Bremer Bay: Approximately 90 minutes (excluding stops)

The next stop is one of my favourite places in WA, Bremer Bay. This picturesque coastal town has pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life.

Bremer Bay is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with swimming, snorkelling, surfing, and fishing along its rugged coastline. The town has a nice feel to it with a welcming community.

The nearby Fitzgerald River National Park adds to its allure, showcasing diverse flora and fauna, including vibrant wildflowers during the spring season.

Stay in Bremer Bay for at least two nights if you want to enjoy the stunning beaches.

If you’re visiting from January to April, book a Bremer Bay Orca expedition – it was an incredible experience.

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a white sand beach with calm turquoise water lapping onto it and green hills in the distance and a blue sky
Lucky Bay Esperance

Albany to Esperance Road Trip: Esperance


🛣️ Distance from Cheynes Beach to Bremer Bay: Approximately 400 km (250 miles)

🚘 Driving Time from Cheynes Beach to Bremer Bay: Approximately 4 hours 15 minutes (excluding stops)

Break up the drive with a stop in Ravensthorpe. A small general store sells basic supplies, and a park opposite is great for the kids to run off some energy. Look for the painted silos just before you reach the town.

Esperance is a slice of heaven for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts with its stunning white-sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

The iconic Lucky Bay, with its friendly kangaroos and squeaky white sand, stands out as a must-visit spot.

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Best Time to Visit Esperance

The best time of year to visit Esperance is during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer months, from December to February. This period offers travellers a perfect experience of the region’s stunning beaches.

The mild and pleasant temperatures and the gentle sea breezes create the ideal weather for outdoor activities, including beachcombing, snorkelling, and beachfront picnics.

kangaroos in a beach car park
Kangaroos, Lucky Bay, Esperance

Where to Stay in Esperance

Some of the best places to stay in Esperance are:

Esperance Chalet Village

The adults-only Esperance Chalet Village has a perfect blend of comfort and nature, making it an ideal choice for exploring the natural beauty of the Esperance region.

Each luxury chalet is self-contained, with modern amenities, and surrounded by native flora.

Nutcrackers Lodge Farmstay

Part of a working farm, guests can interact with farm animals and enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside. The 3-bedroom cottage can sleep up to nine guests.

Esperance Bay Holiday Park

Esperance Bay Holiday Park (our choice of accommodation) offers a great value stay with a range of accommodation options, including powered and unpowered caravan sites and cabins.

The proximity to the beach and the town’s amenities makes it convenient for exploring Esperance attractions and enjoying the beach.

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The Best Albany to Esperance Road Trip Via Bremer Bay 2024: Locals Guide
Esperance Bay Holiday Park

Esperance to Perth

On the return journey from Esperance to Perth, stop at Wave Rock, an iconic rock formation resembling a giant wave frozen in time.

As you continue your drive, pass through the historic town of York, known for its well-preserved Victorian architecture. You may choose to stay overnight here before the final leg back to the city.

Another option is to return to Perth via Kalgoorlie.

Final Thoughts: Albany to Esperance

The journey from Albany to Esperance can be done in one day if you miss Bremer Bay. However, we preferred Bremer Bay to Esperance.

Have you done this Albany to Esperance road trip? Where did you stop along the way? Let us know and share your experiences with other travellers in our Facebook group.

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