Airbnb Exposed: 4 Things They Don’t Want You to Know Before Booking

When planning a trip, finding the perfect place to stay is a crucial aspect of the overall experience. In recent years, the rise of Airbnb has revolutionised the travel industry, offering unique and affordable accommodation options around the world.

However, with its growing popularity, questions arise about the advantages and disadvantages of staying in an Airbnb. In this post, we will delve into the pros and cons of choosing Airbnb as your accommodation option, helping you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for your next adventure.

The Positives of Staying in an Airbnb

1. Wide Variety and Unique Experiences

One of the significant advantages of staying in an Airbnb is the incredible range of accommodations available, offering diverse and memorable experiences. From charming apartments in bustling cities to cosy cottages nestled in picturesque countryside, Airbnb opens the door to a world of unique and unconventional stays.

Unconventional Accommodations

Airbnb presents opportunities to stay in accommodations that go beyond traditional hotels. Imagine spending a night in a rustic tree house surrounded by lush greenery or a renovated vintage Airstream camper by the beach. These unconventional options provide an extraordinary experience and create lasting memories.

Localised and Authentic Experiences

Staying in an Airbnb allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience your destination from a more authentic perspective. Unlike standardised hotel rooms, Airbnb properties often reflect the character and style of the host and the surrounding neighbourhood. Whether it’s a bohemian loft in a vibrant arts district or a traditional cottage in a historic village, you can embrace the essence of your destination.

Opportunities for Interaction

Many Airbnb hosts are passionate about sharing their local knowledge and providing insider tips. They can recommend hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path attractions, and local restaurants that may not be found in guidebooks. Interacting with hosts can offer a deeper understanding of the local culture, traditions, and way of life, providing a more enriching travel experience.

Immersive Neighbourhood Experiences

By choosing an Airbnb in a residential area, you can blend in with the locals and get a taste of everyday life. You can explore neighbourhood cafes, stroll through local markets, and experience the rhythm of the community. It’s an opportunity to feel like a temporary resident and form a deeper connection with the destination.

Family-Friendly Options

Airbnb offers a range of family-friendly accommodations catering to the needs of travellers with children. Many properties provide extra bedrooms, kitchen facilities, and outdoor spaces, allowing families to have more space and flexibility during their stay. It’s an excellent option for those seeking a home-like environment while travelling with their family.

airbnb private holiday home bedroom

2. Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility

Another significant advantage of choosing Airbnb is its potential for cost savings and flexibility.


Airbnb often offers more affordable options compared to traditional hotels, especially for budget-conscious travellers. The range of accommodations available on Airbnb includes budget-friendly options, such as shared rooms or small apartments, which can be significantly cheaper than hotel rooms.

Value for Money

With Airbnb, you can often get more space and amenities for your money compared to a hotel room. For instance, you might have access to a fully equipped kitchen to prepare meals and save on dining expenses.

Additionally, larger groups or families can benefit from booking entire homes or apartments, which can be more cost-effective than multiple hotel rooms.

Customizable Amenities

Airbnb allows you to filter search results based on specific amenities or features that are important to you. For example, if having a pool or access to a gym is essential, you can focus your search on properties that meet these criteria. This customization lets you find accommodations that align with your preferences and budget.

Staying in an Airbnb allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience your destination from a more authentic perspective. 

swimming pool and garden in holiday home rental

3. Living Like a Local

By staying in an Airbnb, you can reside in residential neighbourhoods and immerse yourself in the local way of life. Unlike hotels in touristy areas, Airbnb accommodations are often situated within suburbs, providing a more genuine experience. You can observe the daily routines of locals, visit neighbourhood markets, and start conversations with residents.

Local Recommendations

Airbnb hosts are typically locals with intimate knowledge of their city or region. They can recommend lesser-known attractions and off-the-beaten-path experiences not typically found in guidebooks. Hosts often share their favourite local restaurants, cafes, and attractions, allowing you to explore the destination from a more authentic perspective.

Cultural Immersion & Experiences

Accommodations may reflect local architectural styles, interior design, or traditional elements, giving you a taste of the local aesthetics and craftsmanship. Additionally, hosts may incorporate cultural elements, such as artwork, decorations, or local products, into their property.

holiday apartment with ocean views from the large balcony

4. Home-like Comfort and Amenities

One of the appealing aspects of staying in a private holiday house is the opportunity to enjoy a home-like environment with a range of amenities that can enhance your comfort and convenience during your travels. 


These accommodations often provide more space compared to traditional hotel rooms. Depending on your needs, you can choose from entire homes, apartments, or private rooms that offer separate living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Many properties feature fully equipped kitchens, which can be a significant advantage. A kitchen allows you to prepare your own meals, save on dining expenses, and cater to specific dietary preferences. It’s particularly convenient for families, those with special dietary needs, or those who enjoy cooking and want to experience local cuisine firsthand.

Laundry Facilities

Another convenience offered by some accommodations is access to laundry facilities. This amenity can be especially valuable for longer trips, allowing you to pack lighter and refresh your wardrobe during your stay.

Outdoor Spaces and Amenities

Many Airbnb properties offer private outdoor spaces like gardens, balconies, or terraces. These areas provide a peaceful retreat where you can relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, or even have a meal. Some may also provide amenities like swimming pools, BBQ grills, or outdoor seating areas.

Homely Touches and Comforts

Properties often have a personal touch that adds to the homely and comfortable ambience. You may find cosy furnishings, decorative elements, books, or board games that create a welcoming atmosphere. These small touches can contribute to a sense of relaxation and make you feel more at home during your stay.

Family-Friendly Accommodations

Airbnb is an excellent option for families travelling together. Many properties offer multiple bedrooms, extra beds or cribs, and child-friendly amenities such as high chairs or toys. Having space to accommodate the whole family and access to amenities tailored for children ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for everyone.

large modern house with dining table and orange lounges

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The Challenges and Considerations of Staying in an Airbnb

Considering some potential drawbacks or concerns associated with private rental properties is important.

1. Quality and Consistency

One of the potential challenges when staying in an Airbnb is the variation in quality and consistency of accommodations. As individual hosts manage Airbnb listings, there can be differences in standards and overall experience.

Host Standards and Maintenance

The quality and upkeep of Airbnb properties depend on the individual hosts. While many hosts strive to maintain high standards, some may not pay the same attention to cleanliness, maintenance, or guest satisfaction. Reading reviews from previous guests is crucial to gauge the overall quality and ensure that the property meets your expectations.

Accuracy of Listings

Carefully review the property description, photos, and amenities listed on Airbnb. Occasionally, listings may not accurately represent the actual condition of the property. Hosts may use professional photography or highlight only the best aspects while downplaying any potential shortcomings.

Reading guest reviews can provide insights into the accuracy of the listing and help manage expectations.

Communication with Hosts

Effective communication with hosts is crucial in ensuring a smooth experience. Clear and prompt communication regarding check-in procedures, house rules, and specific requirements is essential for a hassle-free stay. Ask questions or seek clarifications from hosts before booking to ensure that the property meets your needs and preferences.

Verification and Superhost Status

Airbnb offers verification processes for hosts, which can provide an additional layer of trust and confidence. Superhosts are experienced hosts who have consistently received positive reviews and meet specific criteria set by Airbnb.

Opting for accommodations with verified hosts or Superhosts can increase the likelihood of a positive experience and higher quality standards.

Flexibility in Addressing Issues

If you encounter any issues during your stay, such as cleanliness concerns or maintenance issues, communicate promptly with the host. Resolving issues in an Airbnb setting may require flexibility and open communication.

Addressing concerns directly with the host and providing constructive feedback can help find satisfactory resolutions.

dining table laid with modern light over table and fire in the background

2. Safety and Security

When staying in a private property, it’s essential to prioritise safety and security. While Airbnb has safety measures in place, be aware of potential risks and take precautions. 

Researching the Neighborhood

Before booking, research the neighbourhood in which the property is located. Consider crime rates, proximity to amenities, and transportation options. This information can help you make an informed decision and choose a location that aligns with your safety concerns.

Safety Features and Amenities

Assess the safety features and amenities provided in the property. Look for features such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, and first aid kits. Additionally, check if there are secure entry systems, well-lit common areas, and reliable locks on doors and windows to ensure a safe environment.

Communication with the Host

Establishing clear and open communication with the host before your arrival is important. Discuss any concerns or questions regarding safety and security measures at the property. Good communication with the host can help address potential issues or ensure safety precautions are in place.

Understanding Local Laws and Regulations

Familiarise yourself with local laws and regulations related to short-term rentals in the area where you’ll be staying. Some cities or regions have specific rules governing Airbnb accommodations, including safety requirements, occupancy limits, and permitted rental periods. Adhering to these regulations helps ensure a safe and legal stay.

Emergency Preparedness

Before your arrival, familiarise yourself with emergency procedures and contact information for local authorities, medical facilities, and emergency services. It’s advisable to have emergency phone numbers readily available and to know the location of the nearest hospital, police station, or embassy.

Travel Insurance

Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers accommodations, personal belongings, and medical emergencies. Travel insurance can offer added protection and financial peace of mind in the event of unexpected incidents or emergencies during your stay.

3. Cancellation Policies and Flexibility

Understanding the cancellation policies of accommodations is crucial as they can vary between properties.

Host-Set Cancellation Policies

Airbnb hosts have the autonomy to set their cancellation policies, ranging from flexible to strict. These policies determine the amount of refund you may receive if you need to cancel or modify your reservation.

Non-Refundable Bookings

Some Airbnb hosts offer non-refundable bookings, where you are not eligible for any refund if you need to cancel. These bookings often come with lower rates, but it’s essential to carefully consider the certainty of your travel plans before opting for a non-refundable option.

Open Communication with the Host

When you need to cancel or modify your reservation, it’s advisable to communicate openly with the host as soon as possible. Discuss your circumstances and explore the possibility of adjusting the reservation or finding alternative solutions. Communication can lead to more flexible arrangements and potential resolution of cancellation-related concerns.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers trip cancellation or interruption. Travel insurance can provide financial protection in case of unexpected events or emergencies that may lead to the need for cancellations. Review the policy details to understand the coverage and any specific requirements related to Airbnb bookings.

Booking Flexibility

Hosts may be open to modifying your reservation dates or accommodating changes if communicated well in advance. Flexibility in booking arrangements can help you avoid cancellation penalties and still enjoy your stay.

inside modern house with red dining chairs and views from huge windows over hills

4. Community and Ethical Considerations

When choosing to stay in any private holiday rental, be mindful of its impact on the local community and consider the ethical implications of your decision.

Local Housing Availability

The increasing popularity of Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms has raised concerns about its impact on local housing availability.

In some cities or neighbourhoods, the high demand for holiday accommodations has reduced long-term rental options, contributing to rising housing prices and making it challenging for local residents to find affordable housing.

Respect for Neighbors

When staying in private accommodation, be considerate of the neighbours. Respect quiet hours, follow the host’s house rules, and avoid excessive noise or disruptive behaviour.

Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

Ensure that your choice to stay in an Airbnb complies with local laws and regulations. Some cities or regions have specific regulations regarding short-term rentals, such as occupancy limits, rental permits, or taxes. Be aware of and adhere to these laws to support responsible tourism practices and avoid legal complications.

Ethical Hosting Practices

As a guest, consider the ethical practices of the hosts you book with. Look for hosts who prioritise sustainability, responsible tourism, and eco-friendly practices. Some hosts may have initiatives to support local organisations or minimise their environmental impact.

Supporting hosts who align with your ethical values can contribute to a more responsible and sustainable travel experience.

Balancing Airbnb and Other Accommodation Options

Consider balancing your accommodation choices by including other types of accommodations, such as hotels or guesthouses, during your travels. This diversification allows you to support different sectors of the hospitality industry, experience various accommodations, and have a more well-rounded travel experience.

wooden house on a green hill

It’s important to note that while these concerns exist, many travellers have had positive experiences using Airbnb. Doing thorough research, reading reviews, and communicating effectively with hosts can minimise potential issues and have a rewarding stay.

It’s always a good idea to consider all available accommodation options and choose the one that best aligns with your preferences and comfort level.

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