60 Foot Falls is located in Ellis Brook Valley, Banyowla Regional Park. It is one of the best short hikes we have done in Perth. It is kid-friendly and you can also take your dog on a lead.

How to get to 60 Foot Falls

Ellis Brook Reserve is located in the Banyowla Regional Park. It’s on Rushton Road in the suburb of Martin, City of Gosnells.

From Tonkin Highway turn east into Gosnells Road East. Turn right into Pitt Road. Turn right onto Hayward Road. Turn left into Quarry Road. Turn left into Rushton Road. Proceed for 1km to Honeyeater Hollow and a further 1km to the Ellis Valley Head car park.

ellis brook valley perth

Opening Times of Banyowla Regional Park

Banyowla Regional Park is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm, except on days of extreme fire danger.

Facilities at 60 Foot Falls

  • Gas Barbecues
  • Picnic Shelters
  • Seats and Tables
  • Composting toilets on Rushton Road

Ellis Brook Walk Trails

Easy Walk Trail

A class 1, 500m loop through Wando Woodland. This walk is suitable for wheelchairs.

Eagle View Trail

A Class 3, 430m return walk which takes in views across the Swan Coastal Plain. Keep an eye out for the resident kangaroos.

Blue Wren Ramble Trail

A Class 3, 1.4km walk. This starts at Honeyeater Hollow and follows Ellis Brook to the car park in the middle of the valley. This Ellis Brook Valley hike is a great trail for bird lovers.

60 Foot Falls Trail

A class 5, 2km trail which takes you to the top of 60 Foot Falls and past the disused quarry.

Our Walk of the 60 Foot Falls Trail

If you just want to do this walk, park in the middle valley car park. From here you will see the information board with details of the walk as well as fauna and flora that may be found on the trail.

There are Dieback Stations before you enter. Please make sure you use them to stop the Phytophthora Dieback. Just follow the instructions.

We decided to take the anti-clockwise route which takes in the falls first and then back past the quarry. I would recommend doing it this way as the first part can be quite steep and is easier to go up it than down. This path is also quite rocky and can be slippery when wet.

60 Foot Falls trail

Make sure to stop at the lookout to see the Sixty Foot Falls. This waterfall only flows after heavy rain so I would suggest trying to visit at the end of winter or start of spring. It’s been pretty wet this winter and so the waterfall was flowing nicely.

60 foot falls perth

The track leads to a granite shelf at the top of the falls. There are views of Perth from here and you can even see Rottnest on a clear day. It’s at this part that you have to cross the brook. As I mentioned, it had been raining quite a bit so there was a decent amount of water. We found it easier to cross from where you stand to look at Perth. Both ways lead back onto the track.

You now start the descent back down. The path is pretty easy to navigate on this section which takes you past Old Barrington Quarry. This old granite and diorite mine was established in 1956 but was shut down as a result of public demand due to dust pollution.

The quarry is fenced off, but as you make your way down the path, there is an opening in the wire fence which you can squeeze through. The views from up there are stunning and it feels like you could be in a remote part of Western Australia. The granite rocks are beautiful and the man-made lake is emerald green. Just be very careful and don’t go near the edge. There is nothing between you and the bottom of the quarry and it is a massive drop.

60 Foot Falls - A Hidden Gem close to Perth

As you descend from here, you get to a 4wd track and have the option of turning right. Take this path as it leads to the bottom of the quarry. It’s a beautiful area and you can see just how high up you were standing.

60 Foot Falls - A Hidden Gem close to Perth

Back on the trail and it takes you down more stairs to cross the wooden bridge and back to the start of the walk.

Tips for visiting 60 Foot Falls Perth

  • Bring lots of water as there aren’t any water fountains in the park.
  • Take rubbish home with you as no bins are provided.
  • Visit early spring to see over 550 species of wildflowers.
  • It’s a 45-minute walk but we spent an hour and a half there. Allow time for photos and to take in the stunning views.


The city of Gosnells provides a pocket Map and a brochure. There are also maps on the Information Boards in the park.


If you visit during spring, you will be awarded lots of beautiful wildflowers. We also recommend a weekend in Wildflower Country.

Other Perth Waterfalls

Perth waterfalls may not be up there with New Zealand or Queensland, but there are still some beautiful falls and spectacular hikes. Some other waterfalls around Perth are:

Bells Rapids

Lesmurdie Falls

Serpentine Falls

For more things to do in Western Australia, check out this Western Australia Travel Guide.

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  1. I would love to make the Eagle View Trail and watch the kangaroos! And after that you can make a Barbecue there? That’s amazing, the park looks so beautiful and it’s so nice that you can choose between the different trails.

    1. And you can link them up to make a bigger hike. It’s a lovely spot.

  2. I love Perth/Fremantle. Your wonderful post shows me that next time I will have to get out of the city and try some outdoor adventures like 60 foot falls.

    1. Thank you so much. It’s good to get out of the city sometimes 🙂


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